The Reference W delivers an exceptional bass experience by using a woofer cone made of polypropylene. Polypropylene is the perfect combination of strength and light weight for high power handling and efficiency. It can deliver the deep bass notes that rattle your ride as well as the subtle bass notes of an audiophile-quality listening experience. Large-roll rubber surrounds To ensure high-performance, distortion-free bass for all kinds of music, a subwoofer cone needs to be strong when moving the large amounts of air that we hear as bass. One of the places where a subwoofer cone can be at its weakest and can distort is where the cone attaches to the basket. To ensure that the cone does not bend or flex at this connection, a strong material must attach the basket to the cone.

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It has a peak power handling capacity of watts and a RMS power range of — watts. It has a woofer cone made of High-efficiency polypropylene. The woofer cone is surrounded by large-roll rubber.

It uses a progressive spider design. It has a sensitivity of 93 dB at 2. The sub-woofer has a frequency range of 23 — Hz. It has vented pole pieces. Recommended sealed box volume: 1. Product dimensions of What we like about the Infinity Reference w? The sound from this speaker is of a high quality with a deep, clear, clean and tight bass. The high efficiency polypropylene is lightweight and ensures a high output of sound for a moderate amount of power input for the woofer.

The large rubber roll ensures a clean and clear bass by absorbing all distortions of the cone. The progressive spider design ensures good cone control for a crisp tone. It is one of the few subwoofers with the high frequency range of 23 — Hz which means that there are no issues with blending of sounds coming from the other speakers to deliver deep and powerful sound.

The inbuilt vented pole pieces ensure superior cooling and so the unit does not get hot even after long hours of playing. It fits into any modern car as the cabinet size required is small. Ft A great value for money product. There are some issues with a few of the subwoofers having a lower built quality The instruction manual needs little more work. And Finally The Infinity Reference w Inch Watt High-Performance Subwoofer is the choice for those who are looking for that deeper, more intense and high quality bass sounds which blend beautifully with all the other sounds from other speakers.

It is also priced to meet the expectation of the consumer who has a budget to think of.


Infinity Reference 1262w



Infinity Reference 1262w - subwoofer driver Specs



Infinity 1262w


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