Jun 17, carol. Most likely it was, but there was too much happening to notice, or I was distracted by the zombies. What I notice now is that someone got out her thesaurus and did her very, very best to replace every single "said" with another verb. They confided, decided, answered, suggested and scoffed.

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May 02, a rated it it was ok Recommends it for: Nobody. Shelves: dumb-heroine , abusive-relationship , annoying-character , series , love-triangle , ebook , please-hire-an-editor , romance , awesome-concept-wasted , zombies Could it be? Is this really a zombie novel with two bad ass heroines kicking butt and taking names? Because her abusive and zombified husband is having him for a snack.

Her other son has been bitten by her husband, too, and is trying to claw out of Could it be? Her other son has been bitten by her husband, too, and is trying to claw out of the house via the window to take a chunk out of mommy.

Jenni is only saved when Lesbian Katie more on this in a minute rolls up and gets her into the truck before she becomes zombie lunchmeat. Here are the problems with this book: - Characterization: Jenni, you suck.

After Jenni is rescued and she and Katie find a place to hole up for a while, she offers herself up to Lesbian Katie. I get it in a way. Since Katie is the one that rescued her, it might be logical for Jenni to assume that sex is the price for safety and protection, making it really easy to not see this situation for what it is, which is just the first in a long line of scenarios in which Jenni thinks with her netherparts instead of her brain. In short: abort, abort, abort.

I have dubbed Katie Lesbian Katie because ninety percent of the narrative about her is about her sexuality. In fact, the parts about her read less like a zombie novel and more like shitty dialogue in a Lifetime movie about gay acceptance. You know how annoying Bella Swan was in Twilight mooning over Edward?

That was basically every male character in this book. I liked that part about her writing because with the limited wriggle room available with zombie lore, stories can become dull or repetitive, which makes interpersonal relationships between characters necessary.

Here is the problem. I was much more intrigued with the politics of the little community that Jenni and Katie found themselves in instead of a dumb game of elementary school Love Connection. It was super cute when Juan gave Jenni the nickname Loca. It stopped being cute around the four hundredth time he went out of his way to call her Loca.

It made me wonder if Frater has ever had a conversation with a real person because every single sentence was peppered with her name, unnecessarily.


Rhiannon Frater


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As the World Dies


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