Benihana Simulation Assignment Define the following terms: a Service capacity: Service capacity encompasses the capability of a company or organization to perform the current services that it uses. These include services such as information technology services, different working patterns, and also the employment of resources. Service capacity is the ability to ensure that the services can meet the targets and objectives set by the organization Seyring et al. One good example with regard to Benihana of Tokyo is the number of consumers served per hour. This rate is more often than not measured as an average rate Dhamdere, It is a basic measure of the rate at which an organization uses or meets its projected and prospective levels of output.

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A company called BFC bought the stock in a deal that was negotiated by a Benihana director. The same Benihana director was also a principal owner of BFC.

After the directors approved the stock sale, Benihana of Tokyo disagreed with the sale and purchase and filed a derivative lawsuit against the directors. The trial court held for the directors, stating that the board knew that the director was a principal of BFC, but that the board was not informed that the director had negotiated the deal on behalf of BFC.

The trial court also found that the decision was within the bounds of the business judgment rule. Issue[ edit ] There were two prominent issues in this case. The first was whether the directors breached their fiduciary duties in allowing a director with conflicting interests to be involved in the deal.

The second was whether there was a safe harbor in the business judgment rule. The appellate court applied Delaware law, which provided safe harbor for an interested transaction.

Code Section a 1. Benihana of Tokyo argued that this law was not applicable because the directors did not know that the director negotiated the deal. Ultimately, the appellate court found that because the directors spent significant time on the process of making their decision, and because the transaction was a fair deal that was approved by a majority of disinterested directors, it was covered by the business judgment rule.


Benihana of Tokyo Case Analysis (1)

As a consequence, their Benihana of Tokyo studies have prompted recent revisions of the National Curriculum to put a larger emphasis on reading comprehension skills, in addition to guidance on the particular skills that ought to be taught to come up with decent reading. It describes the study of the company area or application, usually leading to the requirements of the new system. This analysis will subsequently help determine whether the design for the new system is well worth implementing. There are various varieties of information systems. They manage and process data as soon as they are created. In the event the system is well designed it should have the ability to be readily updated and maintained. Instead, it is able to reapportion the data based on the number of remaining nodes.


Benihana of Tokyo Harvard Case Solution

Benihana restaurants are traditional Japanese hibachi steakhouses, which feature the Japanese cooking method known as teppanyaki. There are key attributes that separate Benihana from other restaurants. One is true Japanese authenticity. Utilise the Benihana simulation used in tutorials to illustrate your arguments, analysis and recommendations in this assignment. Steps in the process: 1.

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