Madhuban Essence: Sweet children, the most divine virtue of all is to remain quiet, that is, not to speak loudly but to speak sweetly. Therefore, do not come into sound too much. Question: By imbibing which main virtue are you automatically able to imbibe all the other divine virtues? Answer: The main virtue to imbibe is purity. Deities are pure. This is why they have divine virtues in them.

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Madhuban Essence: Sweet children, at this present time, this life of yours is extremely valuable because you have come out of the limited and gone into the unlimited. You know that you are the ones who benefit this world. However, it is very difficult to remove the consciousness and vision of man and woman. For this you need to practise remaining soul conscious. When you become a child of the Father you receive the inheritance. Only those who become satopradhan by having remembrance of the one Father can claim the inheritance of liberation and liberation-in-life.

Song: At last the day for which we had been waiting has come. Om shanti. You call the One who has the knowledge of the world cycle the Creator. No one else knows the Creator or His creation. Although there are very many great, learned scholars and pundits etc.

They speak of knowledge, worship and disinterest. There are these three things now, but they do not understand their meanings.

Sannyasis have disinterest in their families. They too are jealous about having a high or low status. They make a lot of fuss about someone belonging to a high clan and someone else belonging to a middle-class clan. Even at the kumbha melas, there is a lot of argument about whose chariot should go first. This too is body consciousness, is it not? All human beings in the world are body conscious. You now have to become soul conscious. The Father says: Renounce body consciousness and consider yourselves to be souls.

It is souls that have become impure and have alloy mixed into them. It is souls that become satopradhan and tamopradhan. As is a soul, so the body he receives. The Krishna soul is beautiful and so his body is also very beautiful. His body has great attraction.

A pure soul has that attraction. Here, too, they say that a child and a mahatma are equal. Even then, mahatmas renounce vice after they have experienced life.

They have distaste for that, whereas children are pure anyway. They are considered to be elevated, great souls. Therefore, the Father explains that the sannyasis of the path of isolation have been giving some support. Just as when a building becomes half old, it is renovated, so too, the sannyasis renovate Bharat with their purity and keep it standing.

No other land can be as pure and wealthy as Bharat was. In the Gita it is written that God Krishna speaks. Would you call him Baba or the Purifier? When people call out to the Purifier, they are not remembering Krishna; they are remembering God.

There is so much confusion! The Father says: I come and accurately tell you children the essence of the Vedas and scriptures etc. The first and main thing that He explains is: Consider yourselves to be souls and remember the Father and you will become pure. You are all brothers. Then, as the children of Brahma, you are sons and daughters and you are therefore brothers and sisters. Keep this in your intellects. Originally, souls are brothers.

Then, when you enter bodies, you become brothers and sisters. People do not have the intellects to understand even this. How can He be omnipresent? It is only the children who receive the inheritance. The children receive their inheritance from the Father. Brahma too, is a child of Shiv Baba. He too receives the inheritance from that One. You become His grandchildren. You also have that right.

As souls, all of you are sons. Then, when you enter bodies, you are called brothers and sisters. There is no other relationship. There should constantly be the vision of brotherhood. Remove all consciousness of man and woman. When the Father comes and creates creation at the confluence age you are brothers and sisters. However, it is very difficult for the vision of man and woman to be removed. The Father says: You have to become soul conscious. Constantly remember Me alone and you will become satopradhan.

Until you become satopradhan you cannot go into liberation or liberation-in-life. Sannyasis, etc. They never say: Consider yourself to be a soul and remember the Father. All are called souls, but He is called the Supreme Soul. That Father says: O children, I have come to you children. However, in order to speak to you, I need a mouth. Nowadays, a Gaumukh mouth of a cow is placed everywhere. They then say that nectar emerges from the Gaumukh. In fact, it is knowledge that is called nectar.

The nectar of knowledge emerges from the mouth; it is not a question of water. This one Brahma is the mother cow. Baba has entered this one. The Father has made you belong to Him through this one. Knowledge emerges through him. They have carved an image of a cow from stone and made a mouth through which water can flow. That is a system of the path of devotion. You know things accurately. It was you kumaris who shot the arrows at Bhishampitamay etc. You are Brahma Kumars and Kumaris and kumaris must definitely belong to someone.

There are temples to both adhar-kumaris and kumaris. Otherwise, there will be severe punishment. When you become body conscious you forget that you are brothers and sisters. However, human beings who belong to the devilish community cannot stay without vice and they therefore create obstacles. You Brahma Kumars and Kumaris now receive your inheritance from the Father.

This is your last birth in this vicious land of death. No one knows this either. There is no vice in the land of immortality. They are called satopradhan, completely viceless whereas people here are tamopradhan and completely vicious. They also sing that they deities are completely viceless and that they themselves are vicious sinners. They worship those completely viceless ones. The Father has explained: You people of Bharat were worthy of worship and you then became worshippers.

At present, devotion has a great impact; it has a great influence. Devotees remember God and say: Come and give us the fruit of our devotion. What has their condition become by performing devotion?

The Father has explained that there are four main religious scriptures. The Father establishes the Brahmin religion. You Brahmins are the topknot of the confluence age.



Listen original audio. The murli is our daily food for thought. It is not chanting, repeating or learning by rote, but is a realisation, an experience of this godly knowledge in our practical life. What is Avyakt Murli?





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