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This is one gread read for people interested in marketing, behavioural studies, psychology etc. A number of things already published elsewhere but there is also a lot of new good illuminating stuff incorporated. Buy Buy Baby - When companies start marketing to us in the womb 2. Peddling Panic and Paranoia - Why fear sells 3. I Cant Quit You - Brand addicts, shopaholics, and why we cant live without our smart phones 4.

Buy It, Get Laid - The new face of sex and the sexes in advertising 5. Under This is one gread read for people interested in marketing, behavioural studies, psychology etc.

Under Pressure - The power of peers 6. Oh, Sweet Memories - The new but also old face of nostalgia marketing 7. Hope in a Jar - The price of health, happiness, and spiritual enlightenment 9.

Morgenson Is Having I remember thinking about that book years after I read it Im still thinking about it now. I tried Super Freakanomics and other books that people thought were comparable but none of them made me gasp and do a triple take.

None of them until Brandwashing. This book does for marketing and advertising what Freaknomics did for economics and Fast Food Nation did for food. It made my brain hurt in a way far For years, I have tried to find a book that made me gasp as many times as Freaknomics did.

It made my brain hurt in a way far surpassing the brain freeze of milkshakes and Slurpees. In fact, it has taken me over a week to even sit down to write this review because I have been too busy telling all of my friends to pre-order their copies! It say that Lindstorm knows that ins-and-outs of marketing is to say that Steve Jobs can use a computer. Here he takes us behind the scenes to show the reader how companies use MRIs to figure out the areas in the brain that they want their marketing to hit.

He tells of how advertising can affect use before we are even born; how smells that our mothers experienced when pregnant with us can condition us to buy certain detergents and eat certain foods. He explains why panic and fear sells more than happiness and peace. Lindstrom gives credence to the idea that people can be addicted to their smartphones and lip balm.

Tactics of using nostalgia to buy a certain brand of soda or candy bar are explored. What does Justin Bieber and the British royal family have in common? Spoiler: it works! I could go on for pages and pages about this book but at about pages, this book can stand for itself.

Once I finished this book, I immediately ran out and bought his other book which I now know is a marketing ploy. I know people will be talking about this book for years to come. I know I will!






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