Page Maintenance Your Breitling chronometer is a sophisticated instrument which is constantly subjected to a wide variety of stresses and strains. Within a very small volu- Your Breitling compass may be used as a solar compass, thereby enabling me, a large number of components contribute to handling all the functions. Page 13 In particular, water, cosmetics and perspiration accelerate the aging process. Breitling metal cases and bracelets are crafted from the finest alloys and ensure sturdiness and wearer comfort. Regular cleaning with a soft damp brush will keep your watch shiny. Page Inbetriebnahme Zeitabschnitten misst.

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And for good reason. But none of these are as famous as the Navitimer. Why Buy A Navitimer? Despite having one of the busiest watch dials out there and a not-small case size, the Navitimer is surprisingly wearable too, and will suit a range of styles from tailored through to weekend casualwear. For the rest of us, things are little woolier.

Multiplication: Look for the red fixed 10 this will be your friend through all these calculations. Position one of the numbers in your multiplication opposite the ten and the other opposite it. Then read off the result under the second number in that sum. If you want to know what 9 x 8 is for example, align 9. Division: Here the situation is reversed. Your guide is the moving outer scale, with the result on the fixed inner.

Find out the conversion rate before you attempt this trick and align that number on the outer ring with the All in all, a solid 8 out of The case dimensions are exactly the same; the slide rule is there in all its complex glory and the dial is protected by Plexiglas rather than sapphire crystal.

The only concessions to modernity are the metre water resistance and the SuperLuminova, though even that has been coloured specifically to give it an aged feel. Corporate tie-ins can err on the side of tacky, but this livery really works. Black tie might be taking it too far, but a navy corduroy number would be just the first-class ticket. This logarithmic scale, which has its roots in 17th century astronomy, was adapted to measure the three most important units for pilots: STAT for standard mileage, KM for kilometres and NAUT for nautical miles.

These three combined allowed pilots to easily do complex calculations, such as average speed and fuel consumption. The s saw a movement switch from the original Venus to the Valjoux — predecessor to the now-legendary Then in , the Navitimer had the honour of being the timepiece into which Breitling would put the revolutionary Calibre 11 — the first automatic chronograph developed in collaboration with Heuer and Dubois, instantly recognisable because the movement construction necessitated a left-hand crown.

The Navitimer design had a second half-life as a Sinn watch after Breitling was sold to the Schneider family who owned Sicura watches; a brand that was eventually shelved in favour of Breitling. In a very canny move the Schneider family kept their powder dry on their new acquisition; only when they were sure that the quartz threat was truly over, in the s, did they relaunch the Navitimer now equipped with the famed Valjoux Share This Article.


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