Desta forma o autor compartilha suas experincias com terapeutas que estejam comeando a sua formao, ou se iniciando em sua profisso, onde revela os pontos mais polmicos que permeiam sua prtica. Todos os temas foram bastante pertinentes e muito bem trabalhados, mas vou discorrer apenas sobre alguns que me chamaram mais ateno. Inicialmente o autor fala sobre a vocao e cita alguns traos que ele gostaria de ver num terapeuta e tendncias que seriam desfavorveis sua atuao. Primeiramente, ele adverte que se a pessoa "gosta da idia de ser um notvel na cidade e de se sentir amado, a psicoterapia talvez no seja a melhor escolha profissional", uma vez que ele acredita que "na psicoterapia, o psicoterapeuta funciona um pouco como o remdio. Pelo contrrio, o objetivo da psicoterapia reforar a liberdade de escolhas, a autoconfiaa e a autonomia e no permitir que o tratamento desenvolva uma dependncia quase qumica do terapeuta. Em seguida o autor cita os traos de carter que ele acha importante que o terapeuta tenha desenvolvido.

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Por eso te quiero by Pottershop reviews Harry Potter es un buscador estrella de Quidditch. Invisible by Irethy reviews AU. One where Harry Potter died a long time ago. Finding Ginny by wrappedinharry reviews Ginny Weasley has been missing for over three years when Harry Potter finds her. Why did she leave and will Harry be able to convince her to come home. And why is it so important to him when she is so resistent to to his entreaties. When he returns, he will be forced to fight, but in his own, Shotgunning, Motorcycling, Firewielding unique style.

Out In the Open by little0bird reviews Dudley Dursley has kept many things a secret from his family and everyone around him.

But no longer. Becoming the youngest Minister of Magic ever to be appointed, he became obsessed with finding the Dark Lord and avenging the death of his wife. ThirdGen y otros que no esperaban A Thin Red Line by Dratsum reviews Under the pretense of house unity, Harry gets paired with Elladora Malfoy, a proud fifth year Slytherin who firmly believes in the ideals of her parents and the bigotry that is the Malfoy way.

But is this truly who she is? As she is torn between lies and the truth, can Harry help her find the way to uncovering her true identity while a war wages around them? Twelve years later, Harry Potter is found and brought home, but the real struggle has just begun. Consequences by Hayden Avery reviews Voldemort lost, but only after everyone died.

Dangerous and difficult magic takes Harry to a new reality where he died as an infant with Lily Potter. However it backfires slightly—he finds a world where he was born a year later than in his own, a year below his previous peers at Hogwarts and instead befriends Ginny, the girl he never took the time to know in his own world.

No huyen del pasado, solo quieren un nuevo comienzo. Universo Alterno. Una historia importante by MarPotterWeasley reviews Llega un punto en tu vida en que te sientes seguro, tranquilo, demasiado apacible. Si se presenta la oportunidad de vivir una historia importante con el amor.

To Correct A Wrong by Kurinoone reviews A mini-fic to expand on the storyline of the same titled oneshot. Harry comes back to his parents at the age of ten, but can he really forget his past and live his life? Based on my Dark Prince Trilogy.

El chico de la moto by Locurita reviews AU. Severus viaja al pasado para cambiar el futuro que ha caido en poder de Voldemort. Llegamos al final de este largo camino y de una gran aventura. What happens when an accident causes him to go into the future and find out what it might be like if he was to choose someone else besides her as he goes through different futures with different girls had he made a different choice?

Who will he choose? But why would a young girl be his greatest desire? And why is Dumbledore so concerned about them? Es una lectura de los libros. Hay que destruirlo. Like the relationship of Jacob and Renesmee, absolutely NO pedophilia.

Somewhere In Time by kaworu nagisa reviews "Harry peered at the vial once more. What was so important about ? El esta a cargo de dos personas muy importantes HG HeR.. Who are these two strangers found at Hogwarts, and why does one of them claim to be the son of Lily Lupin and that git James Potter? Dimension travel AU, no pairings so far.

Dark humour. Unknown Relations: The Goblet of Fire by ksomm reviews With the knowledge of the family secret, Orion Black is hoping for a peaceful 4th year with no more complications. The Triwizard Tournament has been resurrected with an invisible force set on destroying everything. Momento perdido de HP6. Ese tipo no te merece. Empiezan a hablar y se dan cuenta de que no se soportan.

Camino a Brick Lane by issabel Weasley reviews UA Empieza una nueva relacion, pero con ello se llevan sus propias dudas en otra cuestion. La ingenuidad de Ginny es algo que le atrae demasiado a Harry, pero tambien un impedimento para avanzar mas rapido. Cartas para Mama by issabel Weasley reviews Ginny camina hacia la zona donde ella y Harry quedaron de encontrarse, el tiempo camina y el no llega, ella parece no estar dispuesta a esperarlo.

Escrita para un concurso de relatos de wambie. No al plagio.


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