Nikoshicage Light is not matter, it is not a thing. The non-electried components of the system such ascover plates, couplings, etc. Cosmo — Jose CristianiPhotography: His architecture is characterized by a formal research, which tends to make every project a meaningful presence in the urban space, and a rigorous technique that provides the best functionality of the structures, systems and organization of spaces. Naturally in the ancient eudemonistic tradition, life was not simply the pleasant life or a generically psychological condition: Led Tube provides a useful ctalogo to achieve perfectly straight lines of light, by simplifying the installation both inside furniture, such as shelves, glass cabinetsand showcases, but also inshelves on walls and ceilings. DALI and V version on request.

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Dakus For all the poles refer to the general external lighting systems catalogueSimulation87iRoll 65Systemled energy efficiency urban furniture parks and gardens On the opposite page: DALI and V version on request. Steel retention cables between lower frame and optical assembly and between optical assembly and upper base large and small body versions. For the electrical connection a linear connector IP68and connector block IP67 with fast coupling terminals.

Spotlight with accessory holding ring that can contain up to 2 flat accessories contemporaneously. This is why the range of Primopiano projectors has been extended with two new solutions, which are particularly suitable for museums, art collections, exhibitions and all applications where light must enhance the quality of the objects being exhibited.

Spotlight complete with local manually dlmmable electronic control gear. But what happens when the context changes? This is the primary characteristic of U. Iguzzini all his projects we can see a constant commitment to environmental protection through the use and re-use of materials, through research and analysis aimed at minimizing the environmental impact. As the temperature rises, in fact, the light flow decreases, whilst with LEDs and their electronic components, the ratio between watts and lumens can be optimised by automatically controlling the current required based on the external temperatures, thus avoiding overheating the lamps and extending their life.

Light has a communicative and social value in its ability to optimise urban spaces, giving the possibility of reclaiming the culture of a place, encourage aggregation, cahalogo business and tourism, making events and architecture spectacular and increasing the feeling of safety. Manufactured in die-cast aluminium iguzzkni thermoplastic material. The efficient, modular luminous panels, which can also be aggregated, increase comfort compared to traditional solutions and can be used in different public areas, creating warm and welcoming atmospheres for town centres, pedestrian and residential areas, and more neutral effects for car catalogp and rest areas.

Body in die-cast aluminium, power box in thermoplastic material and stainless steel rod. Additionally, the system offers a choice between two different heat dissipation systems; active and passive. In order to attain maximum benefit and energy efficiency from the system, it is essential that the fitting be sealed hermetically, in order to prevent dust entering, as this could compromise the optical efficiency of the internal surfaces lit by LEDs.

The lenticular surface of the reflectors has been carefully studied to iguzzkni micro reflections which can eliminate defects, without reducing the optical performance, and therefore the efficiency, of the fittings. DALI verslons on request. In any case, cataalogo recognises the warranty rights foreseen by the law. One of the latest light supports, of the over one hundred that I have designed, is Lightshine, a blade that cuts space, that stops where light is required and emits it with grace and abundance.

Open the catalog to page 3. This page was last edited on 26 Octoberat Catalog excerpts Internal cataolgo external lighting systems New 9. For information and updates on compatibility of the light sources with the ttings illustrated in this catalogue, reference must be made to the instructions sheets that can bedownloaded from the e-catalogue at www.

Castiglioni Multilamp fittings with high performing LEDs luminous groups. Open the catalog to page TheThe led led power power current current power power current power power is is supplied supplied iguuzzini at mA.

Die-cast aluminium optical assembly; hot dip galvanized steel tubular arms: Open the catalog to page Lun-Up can be used in both public and private spaces and its efciency is not only due to the use of the light ibuzzini, but also because it requires muchless material and energy to be produced.

Thanks to the asymmetrical optics it produces a light distribution which is particularly suitable for pedestrian walkways and cycle lanes. Interchangeable reflector in superpure aluminium. TOP Related Articles.



San Benedetto del TrontoItaly. City of BeauneProduction and energy management: Class of insulation I discharge versions. A wholly sustainable value. Enzo Eusebi All external screws are in stainless steel. Open the catalog to page 2. Internal silicone watertight gaskets.



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