Chrono Nutrition diet plan At the right moment In the correct quantities based on your height You can eat whatever you want! It just depends on when and in how much quantities you eat this cheese or chocolate or chips! There are 2 ways of getting slim: The Every Day Way of Eating where you generally loose 2 to 3 KG in 1 month The 4 weeks Starter Diet where you can loose from 4 to 8KG in a 4 weeks program Interesting Principles The taller you are, you the more you can eat… The quantity you eat depends on your height. If you are 5.

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The body secretes different substances enzymes and hormones to break down the different types of food we eat, in a calculated and organised way. With the exception of yoghurt and milk, which contain lactose, that the body cannot digest, there are no forbidden foods, no calorie counting and no fat or sugar control.

Objectives Chrononutrition seeks first to eliminate those excess pounds caused by storage of nutrients the body has not broken down. If you follow it strictly you should reach and maintain a healthy weight. Aside from weight loss, this method also balances out your figure.

According to Dr Delabos, the shape of the body reflects the food that we eat: too many vegetables leads to big hips and thighs, too much meat leads to a big chest and shoulders, and too much starch leads to a big stomach, etc etc. Hurray for well-proportioned curves! Dr Delabos also claims that by following his diet you improve your general health and are less likely to suffer from diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

A balanced day This method prioritises breakfast and lunch, which tend to be neglected. Breakfast should be hearty and greasy cheese, bread, butter and cooked meats and lunch should provide sugar fruit, chocolate etc. Lunch and dinner should consist of a single dish. A big breakfast Every morning the body secretes 3 enzymes: insulin, to receive sugar the organs need to function from the moment we wake; lipases, to metabolise fats used for the production of cell walls; and proteases, to metabolise proteins used to produce cell content.

What to eat: g cheese, 70g bread, 20g butter and a hot drink without milk or sugar. A good lunch At midday, proteases are secreted to put in place cellular protein and to stock protein reserves.

What to eat: g meat or g fish, optional sauce, or 3 to 4 eggs as an omelette, boiled, etc, 1 small bowl of starch pasta, rice, mash or chips , optional butter, and 50g bread. Sweet afternoon tea In the middle of the afternoon, you experience a peak in insulin which aims to use sugar in order to compensate for fatigue linked to organ function. What to eat: 30g dark chocolate, or one small bowl of nuts walnuts, hazelnuts and pistachios , or 1 small bowl of olives, or one small bowl of dried fruit raisins, apricots and prunes or 2 cooked apples with jam, honey or maple syrup, or 2 big glasses of natural fruit juice.

A light dinner In the evening, there are hardly any digestive secretions except those that slow down the breakdown of food. What to eat: Lean fish or unlimited seafood, or g white meat without sauce and 1 small bowl of vegetables, dressing optional.


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