Dec 01, Aaron Spencer rated it it was amazing Now one book at first glace with me even reading it yet, gave off the impression of stereotyping or isolating a single ethnic groups simply based off its book title. The first thing that popped into my head before I read this book was "wow are you series that is a huge sign of decriminalization towards Hispanics in around the world. I felt this way solely based off its book title before I even opened the book and started to read. That is the worst part of the book I disliked based off my own Now one book at first glace with me even reading it yet, gave off the impression of stereotyping or isolating a single ethnic groups simply based off its book title. But as I started to read the book now I could understand the reason behind why those words were picked for the title,its because past events,people and cultural backgrounds. The best part of the story I enjoyed was the key pieces of I formation was brought up as to why not to marry Hispanic men was because how one single mistreated a mixed Anglo women.

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Please Sign Up to get full document. The first family is composed of a mother, father and two daughters one of which is the author. The other is made up of a mother-father and son. The family dynamics in this story begin within the first family, where the mother marries an older man who falls dreadfully ill and she becomes unfaithful to their marriage before his death.

This act passed down a lifelong impact onto her two daughters. The weight she is carrying was built by her mother committing adultery and marrying an older man while she was still young herself. Clemencia then takes this weight and throws it around, smashing it into other families.

There is one family in particular that she becomes attached to in her demolishing ways, and that is the second family of this short story. The second family is accompanied by Drew, his wife, Megan, and their son. This creates the framework of the first families dynamics. The base of this entire story is driven by the relationship that Clemencia has had with her mother. Due to poor moral choices of her mother the message that was trying to be convey to her daughters gets quite twisted.

Clemencia interoperates the message never marry a Mexican quite literally. I never saw them. My mother did this to me. When her father becomes sick is when the fracture in the family occurs. Even then. It now becomes clear to me now, that her mother is the specified Mexican from the title whom is not suppose to be married to. At this point the story skips forward in time, and it continues to have time lapses until the end.

The story goes on as Clemencia moves into a rundown apartment in a Spanish ghetto with her sister and her sisters children. Because she knew as well as I did there was no home to go to. Not with that man she married. Clemencia now brings these moral lessons into her own life. This is where the second family comes into the story. While going to school she starts having intimate relations with one of the teachers Drew.

Drew and Clemencia have intimate relations for quite a while. For so long that Clemencia is drawn close to drew and grows feelings of affection towards him. She wishes and hopes that one day she will have a loving family and drew is what she sees as her spark keeping this hope alive in some way. But on the other side of the coin, in the back of her mind, she knows this will never happen. It slowly eats at her, driving her a bit love drunk.

Later on at an art gallery Drew introduces Clemencia to his wife in the utmost disrespectful fashion. Also whatever love Clemencia had for him just got tarnished. This is when she realizes that this will never be a solid relationship. This love that she had for drew would never be true love, it would never start marriage.

Her and drew decide that they should not have a intimate relationship anymore leaving them one last evening together. There is all of this emotion bottled up inside of Clemencia as Drew lives his life continuing normally. For Drew is just sinning out of lust, committing adultery toward another women.

Where Clemencia, is lost in her life and does not know where to go or what to do, because she has not built up a strong foundation of faith and love. She goes along spreading love as she pleases and taking it as she gets it but drew struck her hearts song different than the others she has had affairs with. This reminded me of how she started to have this intimacy with drew while he was her teacher, and her being the younger student, and how the pattern of these families dynamics continues throughout this short story.

This story is about the butterfly effect in family dynamics, where one family passes down lifelong values to their offspring. Author: Brandon Johnson.


Summary / Response: Never Marry a Mexican

Summary Analysis Clemencia explains that her mother has always told her to never marry a Mexican. Not any man. At this point, Clemencia coveted the idea of becoming an artist, hoping to be like Frida Kahlo. But she and Ximena lived in a dangerous neighborhood, where gunshots rang out all night long.


Literary Analysis “Never Marry a Mexican”

Why not? Owen Lambert is definitely not Mexican. Even though her mother may not be in this world anymore, Clemencia will always wonder why her mom did marry her father. Clemencia knows not how to do these things. Why is that?


“Never Marry a Mexican”: Theme Analysis & Summary

The story begins with the narrator, Clemencia, giving the reader an insight of her family. She entails how her father is a generous Mexican born man that comes from means, he is ostentatious and enjoys the finer things in life but his heart is filled with gold as he would feed those in need without hesitation. In contrast, her mother is descendant from Mexico but born in the U. Clemencia makes note of how distinct Mexicans born from el otro lado are and also highlights how her mother instilled the ideology that Mexicans Latinos are subpar. She moves on to note her involvement in several infidelities, however Clemencia lingers on the affair that provoked stronger sentiments within her. She starts describing the power that the adultery with Drew granted her, he transformed her into a goddess, Malinalli.

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