Use permanent link to share in social media Share with a friend Please login to send this presentation by email! CP Connect is currently in beta. CP Connect tunnels can be used to create a connection to a private network. Time, position , and fix rela ted data for a GPS receiver. The Administrator Login page will appear. Log in using your administrator password.

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Use permanent link to share in social media Share with a friend Please login to send this presentation by email! CP Connect is currently in beta. CP Connect tunnels can be used to create a connection to a private network. Time, position , and fix rela ted data for a GPS receiver. The Administrator Login page will appear. Log in using your administrator password. Enterprise Cloud Manager integrates cloud management with your Cradlepoint devices to improve productivity, increase reliability, reduce costs, and enhance the intelligence of your network and business operations.

The controls can be as simple as requiring acceptance of a terms of s ervice agreement, while a dvanced features allow administrators to control and monitor usage, require login, direct users to specific web pages, provide revenue through services fees or paid advertising , and more. If you are still n ot online after activating the modem, go to knowledgebase. These can be general or very specific. For example, you could create a rule that applies to all WiMAX modems, or a rule that only applies to an Internet source with a particular MAC address.

The Configuration Rules list shows all rules that you have created , as well as all of the default rules. These are listed in the order they will be applied. The most general rules are listed at the top, and the most specific rules are at the bottom. The router goes down the list and applies all rules that fit for attached Internet sources. Configuration settings farther down the list will override previous settings.

These features are disabled by default. To obtain a feature license, contact your Cradlepoint sales representative. Once you have obtained the feature license file, upload the file to enable the feature. A reboot is required after uploading a feature license file.

Sample rate and size can be adjusted from the dropdown boxes. Click Add to create a new Traffic Shaping rule. Value : If the correct values are available, select from the dropdown list. You may need to manually input the value. All of the tabs have the same configuration options shown above in the WAN Configuration section i.

Mov e your mouse over your WiFi password to reveal it. Please record these settings for future access. You may need this information to configure other wireless devices. Wireless Statistics : View the signal strength and other wireless modem information. For example, VPN tunnels can be used across the Internet by an individual to connect to an office network w hile traveling or by tw o office networks to function as one network.

The two networks set up a secure connection across the normally unsec ure Internet by assigning VPN encryption protocols. IKE has two phases, Phase 1 and Phase 2. The MBR has several different security protocol options for each phase, but the default selections will be sufficient for most users.

If a tunnel fails to connect to the remote site, check the System Logs for more information. You may double click on a cell to direct ly edit that information. Click Add to configure a new VPN tunnel. This field is sometimes set by latency sensitive equipment such as VoIP phones. If you know specific DSCP values, you can input one here. Protocol: Sel ect from the dropdown list to specify the protocol for a particular data use. Deselect this to disable. You can change this password to anything between 1 and 16 characters.

It should be long enough to be useful for security but short enoug h to easily type into your phone or other texting client. White List This list is blank by default, which means that the router will accept SMS messages from any phone number.

Leaving this blank is unsecure, so Cradlepoint recommends that you add phone numbers to this list. Once any numbers are listed, only those numbers have the ability to connect to the router via SMS. Please read these documents ca refully. All rights reserved. You may need to update firmware. If no information is di splayed, check that both the modem and your carrier support GPS. To attach, hold the antenna straight and twist the base of the antenna to connect, folding the joint if needed.

Please note th at 2. Data modem only inc luded with ARC models. The number listed in the orange block shows the number of attached clients. Logout Click to log out of the administration pages. This allows an interface to be enabled or disabled during specific hours of a day. For example, use this to limit a Hotspot network to business hours. Schedule Service : Default: Disabled. Select to enable.

This will open a configurable chart for setting the schedule. Each hour of the week is represented by a black or gray square. Black represents disabled, while gray represents enabled. Hover over a square to reveal t he hour it represents.

Click on the squares to toggle between black and gray. In the example shown, the network is enabled from 8 - 5 on Monday through Friday, but disabled at all other times. Default: 60 seconds. Range: 5 - seconds. Each time a scan occurs the wireless communication of the router will be temporarily interrupted.

Normally this should be disabled. If you do not enable NTP then the router time will be based on when the router firmware was built, which is guaranteed to be wrong.

Whenever the Internet connection is re - established and once a week thereafter the router will ask the server for the current time so it can correct itself. Select the NTP server from the dropdown list.

Time Zone: Select from a dropdown list. Setting your Time Zone is required to properly show time in your router log. Daylight Savings Time: Select this checkbox if your lo cation observes daylight savings time.

Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol L2TP tunnels can be used to create a connection between two private networks. Once you have a valid feature license, click Add to create a new L2TP tunnel. This express es theoretical best quality. The value is given as a negative exponent: - 20 is a very g ood value while - 8 0 is relatively poor.

Signal qualit y can be reduced by distance, by interference from other radio - frequency sources such as cordless telephones or neighboring wireless networks , and by obstacles between the router and the wireless device.

Time Online: Simply the amount of time the device has been connected to the router. Kick: Click on this button to disconnect a client. Netmask Optional : The n etmask allows you to specify what IP address sets will be allowed access. If this field is left empty a netmask of Note that changes made in this section may also need to be duplicated on wireless devices that you want to connect to your wireless network.

They w ill have to reconnect to the network. The user can set up multiple networks on the MBR, each with its own unique configuration and its own selection of interfaces. S pec ify the number of seconds between each check - in.

Range: 10 - s econds. Each side of the tunnel m ust use both a Local Identity and a Remote Identity. These must match the identities on the other side: The Local Identity must match the Remote Identity on the other side of the tunnel, and vice versa.

In this case, these identities can each be a simple w ord. This name is referred to as the SSID service set identifier. For security purpo ses, Cradlepoint highly recommends that you change this from th e pre - configured name. It is somewhat harder for hackers to find and attack a router that is not broadcasting its SSID, which adds to the wireless security, but it is also more difficult for friendly users to attach to a WiFi network with a hidden SSID.

Isolate: Select this to i solate all wireless clients so they cannot directly communicate with each other on the wireless network. This is a basic traffic shaping, or QoS quality of service , system for the network. WM M works behind the scenes to set priorities for different types of traffic on your network. For example, video streams are give n higher priority than print jobs, since video streams need consistent throughput.

Enabled: Whether the network is available.


Cradlepoint COR IBR1100 Installation Manual

Page 4 Keep the router in the OFF position until the modem is securely connected. Connect wirelessly to the WiFi broadcast, or with an Ethernet cable connected to your computer and then plugged into one of the Business Grade Modem, or a supported USB or ExpressCard modem to the router in their appropriate orange Ethernet ports. Make sure your PC or other devices support the mode you choose. Check router status page. Page 8 Guest Network if established. The routers and account are live — you may view connection status, update firmware, and change the configuration settings.



Mazugis Hotspot Services Any of your networks can be enabled as a hotspot. Hard reset instructions for CradlePoint MBR v2 If your MBR v2 router mbr not working as it should, dropping connections or not being responsive, you should first do a reset of the router to see if the problems persist. Data Usage Agreement shown to the right. Licenses to enable this feature. Pressing Reset Statistics will restart all counters at 0.


Cradlepoint MBR1400 User Manual

Kigakree WAN device s are available and connected. Select from the dropdown list to specify the protocol for a particular data use. Select mannual carrier from the dropdown menu options shown below. Cradlepoint arc cba cellular broadband adapter pages. Enter text from picture: For each device using a wireless connection to your MBR, the following information is displayed: Need a new router?


Cradlepoint MBR1400 User Manual


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