Taschenbuch, Seiten Titelbild :? Rebellions cost money and the best way to raise money for a rebellion is to steal it from your enemy. With the help of the Hadenmen and their superior technology, they plant a virus which steals billions of credits for the rebellion and then destroys the financial record-keeping system of the Empire. They also make contact with the underground on Golgotha, represented by the Stevie Blues, three pyrokinetic esper clones, and Alexander Storm, another semi-retired professional rebel. They return to the Last Standing, a powerful starship where representatives of rebels and freedom fighters from across the Empire are gathering to plan strategy.

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Books[ edit ] Both major Deathstalker episodes are classic examples of an epic form of space opera. Even minor characters often have significant portions of a novel devoted to them. Partly a parody of the s space-opera genre, the Deathstalker novels are also a satirical take on dictatorship, fascism, fashion, established religion and the media.

Alien species when encountered are subjugated or exterminated; internal dissent is ruthlessly put down, and power is concentrated in the hands of a psychotic empress known as the "Iron Bitch" and a number of aristocratic families, or clans.

Under the justification of protecting the empire from external threats, the empress maintains the status quo by playing off different groups against one another, preventing any organisation from becoming powerful enough to challenge her rule. Cloning is commonplace, with clones being regarded as non-people for use as expendable slave labour. Some people, known generically as espers, have various psychic powers including telekinesis , telepathy and teleportation — these, too, are carefully regulated and exploited by the empire.

The vast majority of imperial citizens, while denied many forms of political self-expression, appear to lead fairly normal lives under the fiefdoms of the different clans. The author draws a parallel to certain periods of the Roman Empire , with the citizenry being kept compliant through the use of public holidays and spectacles such as gladiatorial games. As the series begins, a number of threats have arisen to menace the empire: from within, rebels including rogue computer hackers known as cyberats , clones and espers have started to fight for their basic human rights, although until their disparate organisations are unified by Owen Deathstalker their efforts are largely ineffective.

Hellworld New York, Ace An expendable expedition is sent to investigate a planet on the galactic rim to ascertain its suitablitiy for future settlement. They encounter a world where biological reality has run haywire. Discovering the dark reality of an empire that is far removed from his life of comfort and wealth, he finds unlikely allies and comes to the realisation that the empire, and the throne, must be cleansed.

The Imperial Homeworld, Golgatha, is attacked by an unidentified alien starship after Owen and his companions inadvertently disable planetary defences as a side effect of a hacker strike against the banking centres of the empire. Owen and his companions must not only cope with these, but also the even graver threat posed by a new adversary: the Recreated.

Many plot threads are wrapped up, including the fates of most of the major characters. Deathstalker Return[ edit ] New York, Roc Fleeing through the empire with imperial forces in hot pursuit, Lewis discovers legends from the past and in desperation sets out on an apparently impossible mission — the return of Owen Deathstalker. Deathstalker Coda[ edit ] New York, Orion Together the two Deathstalkers must fight to save the empire from its greatest threat: the Terror.

Whilst Lewis leads rebel forces in the present, Owen travels back to the past to try to uncover the mysteries behind the current crisis. This is the final book in the Deathstalker saga, and wraps up the remaining loose ends left by the first series.

Reaction[ edit ] The Deathstalker series has had a mixed reception from reviewers, with Simeon Shoul of the science fiction, fantasy and horror website Infinity Plus describing the novels as "some of the most schlock space opera in the genre", before going on to say: "But, who gives a damn? It works. At times it works magnificently. I firmly believe it does people and institutions good to have the piss taken out of them at regular intervals.

What if there was just one man, with no backing, starting a rebellion on his own? The Guardian. Retrieved 24 May Archived from the original on 8 October


Deathstalker Rebellion

And that was when the roof fell in. What a load of tosh! What a peculiar reading experience. On an intellectual level, every fibre screams to put this down, but like a train without brakes you just keep going. And going.


Deathstalker Rebellion


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