The plot involves a Spanish count , called simply The Count, although "Almaviva" appears as an additional name whether it is a first name or a surname is not clear , who has fallen in love at first sight with a girl called Rosine. To ensure that she really loves him and not just his money, the Count disguises himself as a poor college student named Lindor, and attempts to woo her. After being promised money, and afraid the Count will seek revenge on him if he refuses, Figaro devises a variety of ways for the Count and Rosine to meet and talk, first as Lindor, then as Alonzo, a fellow student of the same music master, Bazile. The story culminates in the marriage of the Count and Rosine. The Count, disguised as a poor university student, waits in hope of catching a glimpse of Rosine, whom he encountered in Madrid and has followed to Seville. To this point they have never spoken to each other.

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Gogore To ensure that she really loves him and not just his money, the Count disguises himself as a poor college student named Lindor, and attempts to woo her. While working there, he began dabbling in a literary career, apparently with great success. When she continues to deny writing anything, he accuses Figaro of having seduced her. While the two men talk, Dr. Mozart wrote a set of 12 variations, K. The stage is dark and music suggesting a lightning storm is played. Though the play was poorly received at first, Beaumarchais worked some fast editing svilel the script, turning it into a roaring success after three days.

Figaro tells the Count that Rosine is the ward of Dr. Bartholo making plans to secretly marry Rosine during the night, before he leaves to see his friend Bazile, who is to make the arrangements. He angered the censors with several of his works, and was briefly imprisoned. Figaro and the Count go their separate ways, agreeing to meet again to put their plan in action. The Count comes to the house again, disguised beaumaechais time as a teacher.

The Count then reveals his true identity, and Rosine forgives him. The doctor explains he is exempted from the law that requires people to lodge soldiers. He evidently retains this position for the remainder of his life.

El barbero de Sevilla : comedia en cuatro actos Compositions by Jacques Offenbach. Bartholo comes in, complaining that Figaro has given incapacitating medical treatments to all the servants. Rosine believes this story and becomes outraged. She agrees to marry Bartholo, and he goes out to find a judge to perform the marriage ceremony. Figaro arrives and tries to distract Dr. The two are interrupted when they overhear Dr. Figaro is shown to be hiding in a cabinet. Rosine enters pretending to be quite angry, having chosen the music lesson as an excuse to pick a fight with Bartholo.

Views Read Edit View history. He was kidnapped as a baby and raised by gypsieswho are probably the ones that renamed him Figaro. When Figaro drops in, she asks if he will deliver the note. When he goes to find the paperwork which certifies this, the Count slips a note to Rosine. Bartholo and Rosine come to a window of the house. Bartholo by shaving him so that Rosine and the Count will be alone together, but Bartholo catches on, especially when Bazile arrives to give Rosine her music lesson.

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El barbero de Sevilla (teatro)

Rosina es una pupila del doctor y este quiere casarse con ella. Casa del doctor Bartolo La escena comienza con la cavatina de Rosina: Una voce poco fa - "Una vocecita hace poco". Rosina escribe una carta a Lindoro. Bartolo y D. Este le cuenta sobre la llegada a Sevilla del conde de Almaviva enamorado en secreto de Rosina.


El barbero de Sevilla (Rossini)


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