Rating: 4. As with its bigger brothers, its FortiOS operating system comes with antivirus and intrusion prevention as standard, which is regularly updated. There is also anti-spam and web filtering, with options to manually enter block lists, IP addresses, URLs and keywords. There is an optional hard disk available, too, which is used to quarantine infected files and save more detailed logs. The configuration is flexible on how these are used, and you can use the ports to provide redundant WAN links or for multiple zones.

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Page 2 FortiOS 3. All rights reserved. No part of this publication including text, examples, diagrams or illustrations may be reproduced, transmitted, or translated in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, manual, optical or otherwise, for any purpose, without prior written permission of Fortinet, Inc. Page 3: Table Of Contents Document conventions Page 4 Advanced configuration Page 7: Introduction Introduction Introduction Welcome and thank you for selecting Fortinet products for your real-time network protection.

The FortiGate Unified Threat Management System improves network security, reduces network misuse and abuse, and helps you use communications resources more efficiently without compromising the performance of your network. Page Fortinet Knowledge Center Please send information about any errors or omissions in this document, or any Fortinet technical documentation, to techdoc fortinet. Fortinet Technical Support provides services designed to make sure that your Fortinet systems install quickly, configure easily, and operate reliably in your network.

Page Installing Installing Installing This chapter describes installing your FortiGate unit in your server room, environmental specifications and how to mount the FortiGate in a rack if applicable.

The equipment compliance with FCC radiation exposure limit set forth for uncontrolled Environment. Page 13 Installing When placing the FortiGate unit on any flat, stable surface, ensure the unit has at least 1. For rack mounting, use the mounting brackets and screws included with the FortiGate unit. The main menu setting appears on the LCD when the system is running. Using the supplied Ethernet cable, connect one end of the cable to your router or modem, whatever the connection is to the Internet.

Connect the other end to the FortiGate unit. In the Unit Operation display, select Shutdown, or from the CLI enter: execute shutdown Disconnect the power cables from the power supply. Page Configuring VPN and firewall policies. Like a router, all its interfaces are on different subnets. In NAT mode, each port is on a different subnet, enabling you to have a single IP address available to the public Internet.

Page Transparent Mode Router You typically use the FortiGate unit in Transparent mode on a private network behind an existing firewall or behind a router. To configure, maintain and administer the FortiGate unit, you need to connect to it. When you connect, the FortiGate unit displays two security warnings in a browser. Alternatively, you can use, or borrow, the IP address of a configured interface on the router.

You may need to do this to minimize the number of unique IP addresses within your network.


Fortinet FortiGate 300A - security appliance Series Specs



Fortinet FortiGate FortiGate-300A Manuals


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