So if you are student looking for to gain a good knowledge then his books are the most popular PLCs on the market, you have to get the books. It compacts very methodically in a level basic and intermediate, touching on some advanced implementation as well. One of the reasons that you will really like the book is on the visual presentation. This is excellent since the best method to fully recognize the operation of a given system PLC is by experimentation with the devices. The attending Computer Simulation Package contains state of the art simulation software of LogixPro as well as a lab manual printed with over than programming tasks.

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One of the objectives of a PLC course is to get the student to thinking about how to solve the problem rather than giving a solution to the problem. Thats how it is in industry - often there are no ready made solutions. Students should feel free to post a question, propose a solution or a method to arrive at the solution, and if the sudent shows some effort, many will be happy to mentor.

Petruzella through a regional Library System. It is obviously a school text. I remember it being very outdated. Maybe you have a newer version. The publisher may have a teachers copy available, or perhaps eBay or Amazon. You can learn a lot with the various threads here. Good Luck! His book is very good for a raw beginner. Helped me a lot good investment of your money. I do NOT recommend you try learning this stuff at home with just a textbook. It is too complicated and can in the early stages be too dangerous - it IS possible to energize an output with NO inputs even hooked up.

If you insist then get an Allen Bradley "10 pack" with free software in a low voltage version. Frank D. I do not think enough of it to recommend purchase for use as a permanent referance BUT I also think this field changes fast enough where any "permanent referance" is out of date in 3 years.

I did they had Allen Bradley from the little "10 pack" up thru the 5 They had a pretty good instructor I learned a lot with someone elses equipment and money - a very good investment.

As for the statement you made that I quoted here, you have grossly overlooked the value of the text and if you are just starting in the course, give it time. Try reading the text, look at the questions and then see if you can answer them. As others have said, the purpose of a course or text is to give you insight to new knowledge. That is not the same as giving you answers to questions.

Hang in there, the text is great, the lab book that accompanies it is great and the LogixPro simulator that is with the lab manual is invaluable. OR, change careers!


Programmable Logic Controllers, (Third Edition)



ISBN 13: 9780073373843


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