The Netherlands and Belgium are countries that have had to deal with water level control, land reclamation, canal stabilization, flood prevention, especially due to the large number of low-lying areas threatened by flooding in the North Sea. In such countries, priority is given to ensuring that pumping and dewatering systems are economical and reliable. The pumps were designed for wellpoint dewatering, have very high efficiency and effectiveness during that process. Very high vacuum that can be obtained up to

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All of our fire pumps are designed and manufactured in the USA. Patterson, USA. Pumps suitable for raising and moving liquids in mines, industries, irrigation, buildings, heating and air-conditioning installations, municipal areas, fire prevention equipment, etc. Industrial applications for pumping clean and non-aggressive water. Suitable for a wide range of industrial applications, air-conditioning and heating, drip irrigation systems, water supply, fire fighting equipment. Serie V. Deep well turbine pumps are highly suitable for lifting liquids from deep borehole and wet wells particularly where efficient of operation, and reliability are required.

APM series pumps are used for transferring clean or slightly dirty waters not containing abrasive materials and mainly for water supply, pressure equipment, installations for supplying boilers, irrigation devices, fire fighting equipment and industry in general.

Centrifugal with open impeller drainage pumps that besides high capacity, they guarantee high head. These pumps, ideal for industrial and civil application, are specially designed for heavy use. Head up to 50 m. Available for mobile and permanent installation with coupling foot. Open impeller submersible pumps made of stainless steel AISI , suitable to lift clear or slightly dirty waters. The grid with filter on the suction allows a free passage of solid particles up to 10 mms.

Head: up to 14 m. These electric pumps comply with the Machine Directives and are tested in Italy. Vertical multistage electric pumps with flanged ports and IEC motor support. Mixed-flow multistage electric borehole pumps with incorporated retaining valve. Also available in 6", 7", 8", 10", 14", 16" to accommodate your needs. Back pull out design for fast and easy maintenance.

Replaceable wear ring to assure optimum efficiency. Mechanical seal according to DIN standard. Phoenix Pump, China. The casing is heavy duty design for 16bar operating pressure, suction with inlet vane to reduce the NPSH. Replaceable wear rings to ensure optimum efficiency. Removable and adjustable support foot provides added rigidity and easy maintenance.

Stainless steel shaft sleeve prevents damage to the shaft, reduces maintenance cost. Mechanical seal or soft packing are available upon request. Suitable for general applications such as sewage works, municipal sewerage, and drainage systems, paper manufacture, industrial waste, etc.

DV Series. Centrifugal drainage pumps with Vortex impeller that besides high capacity, they guarantee high head.

Head up to 26 m. Equipped with Automatic Connection Discharge. The particular shape of the impeller allows the passage of solid materials up to 35 mms diameter. Suitable to lift dirty waters and empty cesspits. Matra, Italy Serie V. Vortex impeller with full passage for dirty waters from septic tanks, industrial waste, etc. These pumps are designed to handle sewage and waste waters containing high levels of solid matter in suspension.

Bombas Ideal, Spain Waste water electric submersible pumps with vortex impeller. Suitable for free standing wet installation with rigid or flexible pipeline connection and for wet installation on automatic coupling foot. Rovatti Pompe, Italy Open single channel impeller with a hardened cutter for the CP series, non-clogging close impeller for QW series; free standing or fixed instalment.

Open jacket cooling system for optimum motor cooling. Auto-coupling system and automatic type are on request. Adjustable bottom plate as an anti-blockage device for the pumping of sewage containing solid or fibrous matter. As a consequence there will be no energy waste. Suitable for water supply. Matra, Italy Hydro NX. These equipments consist of one or more AISI stainless steel NX pumps connected in parallel, working as much at fixed speed standard group like a variable speed.

Joint design of all the equipment ready for the automatic service. Equipment designed for automatic pressure water supply in large facilities, buildings, hotels, block of flats, apartments, sprinkling, etc. Standard pump for civil and industrial applications, pressure equipment for housing use, fire prevention installations, pressurised washing systems, irrigation, water treatment and inverse osmosis, supplying boilers, etc. Maximum pumped liquid temperature: oC.

Multistage centrifugal pump, silent operation, especially suitable for booster set either regulated by pressure switches or by inverter for civil supplies, industrial, agricultural, irrigation sprinkler fire equipment, etc..

The Programmable Logic Controller in the Control panel constantly monitors the system pressure and sequences the correct pump or combination of pump to maintain the set system pressure. KI Series. Self priming centrifugal pumps for swimming pool. Suitable for swimming pools, filtering plants. Also suitable to sea water. Self-priming centrifugal pumps for swimming pools.

Designed for small filters decanting water silex or cartridges for small swimming pools or Spas, suitable for sea water. Self-priming electric pump for swimming pools with large-sized integrated prefilter producing a very high filtration capacity. It has a filter with transparent polycarbonate cover allowing the observer to easily see inside the prefilter basket. Bombas Ideal, Spain. SUM Serie. For clean or slightly dirty water, with no long fibrous products: rain water, swimming pools, basements, fountains, irrigation-watering, etc.

These heavy-duty performers are widely used for flood control, irrigation and drainage projects, large scale primary water supplies, industrial process work, power plant condensing and other circulating systems. These pumps generally operate in a submerged state with suction entrances flooded. Horizontal units are installed with a positive suction head. Capacities range from 2, gpm to , gpm with heads to 60 ft per stage, and bowl sizes from 12 in.

Pumps for lifting large flows of water to low and medium heights : raising water from rivers, irrigation, drainage of lakes, rice fields, drying out land, cooling electric power stations, sea water, etc. SVA and SVH submersible pumps with propeller and helical impellers were specially designed for pumping large flows of water to low and medium heights.

SSP Series D ductile iron rotary lobe pumps fulfill positive transfer duties throughout industry where the use of stainless steel for pumphead components is not essential, within application areas such as Petrochemicals, Chemical, Paper, Paints and Polymers, Petfood, Chocolate and Sugar.

Series S pumps fulfill a wide range of application requirements throughout Chemical, Food, Pharmaceutical and other related industries. Both series are engineered to order, customised to suit application requirements throughout Chemical, Food, Pharmaceutical and Waste Water Treatment processes. Handling from low to high viscosity pumped media the characteristic smooth, low shear pumping action is ideal for delicate media and where organic solids in suspension, creams, froths, gels, emulsions and mixtures are to be pumped.

Alfa Laval, UK.


Advanced Pump Engineering for Severe Applications

Apr 28, Pfeiffer Vacuum to introduce new turbopumps and diaphragm pumps Pfeiffer Vacuum, a global supplier of vacuum technology, will introduce new turbopumps and new diaphragm pumps at the Analytica show in Munich on May. The new products to be introduced include the HiPace 30 and HiPace H turbopump models and diaphragm pumps to act as their backups. Due to the small footprint and low vibration level, the pump is particularly suited for integrating in compact analysis systems, such as portable mass spectrometers, small electron microscopes, and leak detectors. At 2kg total weight, the HiPace 30 is also a good fit for portable applications, and its sophisticated rotor design provides high gas throughput and good compression of light gases. This ensures a low residual gas background, which is ideal for mass spectrometry applications.



Zulkigore With a strategic plan to produce more than 1 million tonnes per annum of copper within five years, the Company is poised to become the largest, widely-held pure-play copper producer and one of the top five copper producers in the world. Egtenrayseweg 9 PH Venlo, the Netherlands. What is Water Week? Geho PD Slurry Pumps.







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