His father owned a chemical factory in Calcutta, which was closed down on account of the then prevailing political unrest, largely due to Naxalite activities, union conflicts, and strikes. He founded the Debating Societies of Kolkata and Delhi. His first book, In Your Face, is a compilation of interviews and columns by him published in different national dailies and magazines. It tells readers how to get ahead in life by connecting with the rich and the famous.

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Feb 04, Loy Machedo rated it really liked it Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous are not for everyone. I have seen people literally change their behaviors, preferences, personalities and even their hobbies just to please their new found friends of wealth and success. Wrong, Right, I dont know. But I am not comfortable with such chameleons.

So when I saw a book authored by an Indian writer endorsed by Vijay Mallya right on the front cover I had to purchase the book. Now what did I like about the book: 1. The book is beautifully cased and Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous are not for everyone. So when I saw a book authored by an Indian writer endorsed by Vijay Mallya right on the front cover — I had to purchase the book. The book is beautifully cased and well-printed upon. I liked the fact that the points were not compressed and suffocated into every page — and given the part that the main points were summarized after every chapter — it made for interesting read.

The content is very interestingly put forth. Quite a number of examples were provided to support the authors points of wisdom. And logic was impressively used very effectively in almost every chapter. What made the book specifically stand out was the no-holds-barred style of communication present throughout the book. If I had to summarize what the book is about it would simply be this - How to draw people to you, How to make friends, How to Keep Friends but in Rich Category.

Now the parts of the book you may not like: 1. All the examples are Indianish. The author believes one should read almost every book possible, mix with almost every possible person and invite and get invited to almost every socialite party to strengthen your relationship with friends — Now I am not sure what would one accomplish through this setting?

True Friendship? Social Connections? My guess for this diversion is because he comes from a place where people are jobless enough to get enraged with anything that can challenge their beliefs — especially Sex, Religion and Politics. Finally, the biggest drawback of the whole book can be summarized into just this one point — The whole book is about having parties with the rich and successful, how to behave at parties with the rich and successful and what to do and what not to do at parties with the rich and successful.

Moment of Truth Understand this — Seth is a powerful well-connected person. Seth has had the honor of working with personalities like Khushwant Singh and R. He works for Counselage India and is their managing partner. Counselage India is the only marketing consultancy and strategic brand management firm that provides counseling on managing brands to CEOs and chairpersons. So without a doubt he does know what is required to connect with the Rich and Famous. And though I would disagree with the author on many accounts, I would say without a doubt after reading this book, he is a class act.

He is a very focused and disciplined about what he wants. His priorities and his goals are very clear and he will live life on his terms. So, if I was to summarize, I would say simply this — You would either love this guy or hate him and his opinions. Nothing in between. Overall Rating Purchase the book only if you want to see things in a new light and understand that most of the points mentioned here, may never come in handy unless of course you have many parties and rub shoulders with lots of rich people.

Even with all the differences in opinion, I give this book a decent 7 out of 10 PS - If you like Felix Dennis — then I am sure you will like the Indian version of the same specimen. PPS - I honestly wonder why did he take such a cheesy picture of himself to be displayed behind the book?

Loy Machedo.


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