GOST 5264-80 PDF

Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation. Manhole access covers and street storm drain inlets. Mineral wool thermal insulation cylinders and semicylinders with synthetic binder. Federal Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring Service.

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Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation. Federal Labor and Employment Service. Metrological support for the atmosphere, surface water and soil contamination monitoring. Разделка деталей под сварные швы Sanitary Norms and Regulations. Federal Air Navigation Service. General specifications GOST 9. Federal Construction Housing and Utilities Agency. Manual hoists and trolleys. Federal Agency for State Property Management. Types, packages, and identification codes for documents for automated system development GOST Inland waterways navigation markers.

Federal Air Transportation Agency. View Ideas submitted by the community. Gkst of Economic Development of the Russian Federation. Procedures for development, approval, registration, storage, and use.

State Committee for Environmental Protection. Main types, design elements, and dimensions. Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation. Mark of conformity for mandatory certification.

Longitudinally arc-welded steel pipe. Marking, packaging, transportation, and storage. Automated systems testing types. Federal Agency for Subsoil Use. Liquefied hydrocarbon fuel gases for public and household use. President of Russian Federation. Requested with this document Federal Medical and Biological Agency. Fundamental principles, assessment of general characteristics, definitions.

Methodical documents in construction. Industry-specific Norms on Technical Design. Mineral wool thermal insulation cylinders and semicylinders with synthetic binder. Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation. Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. Method of test for corrosiveness to metals. Industrial and liquid oxygen. Occupational safety rules for operation of main oil production pipelines. Construction Codes and Regulations.

Standards and determination methods. Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation. Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation. Federal Insurance Inspection Service. Uniform system of design documentation.

Review native language verification applications submitted by your peers. Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. Maximum permissible touch voltages and currents. Set of standards for automated systems. Modifications for different climatic regions.


GOST 5264-80



GOST 5264-80 PDF


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