PBS adapted the story for television in Plot Ms. Ferenczi, a substitute teacher, arrives in a fourth-grade classroom in rural Five Oaks, Michigan. The children immediately find her both peculiar and intriguing.

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The first person point of view Baxter chose allows us to understand the story better. It also allows Tommy to portray his personal feelings toward his substitute teacher, Miss Ferenczi. The diction Baxter uses for Miss Ferenczi is rather interesting. Our understanding of why Baxter chose her complex and confusing diction is to expand the minds of the students. Miss Ferenczi changed Mr. Our first impression of her is that she is unusual when she walks in the classroom with her purple purse and checkerboard lunch box.

She proceeds over to the blackboard where she picks up pieces of white and green chalk and draws a large oak tree on the left side of the blackboard. She tells the class that the room needs a tree in it. Thereafter she proceeds to tell the children a tale about her life. On the other hand, we see Miss Ferenczi as a misleading, untruthful, and mistaken substitute teacher when in all actuality she is only trying to get the children to form their own opinions, but in a rather unusual way.

In addition, Miss Ferenczi is unique in her The two lines remind Tommy, the little narrator, of Pinocchio. The comparison of Miss Ferenczi to this character is foretelling While reading the story, we interpret each character a different way. There are certain characteristics within each character that tell quite a bit about them. For example, some are static while others are dynamic and some are flat while others are round. Static characters are those that remain the same throughout the story.

Dynamic characters are the opposite in that they change by events that occur in the story. Flat characters do not fit subject for analysis.

These characters are usually minor. Round characters are characters that the audience gets to know well. Tommy is a fine example that fits some of these characteristics.

We see him as having a change for the worse in the story. He starts as a normal young boy learning the essentials in life such as reading, writing, and arithmetic. He then evolves into a very skeptical, curious young boy with his own opinions that soon get him in trouble. We perceive her as a round character because of all of the background information Baxter has her share with us at the beginning of the story.

Wayne Razmer is a dynamic, but flat character. Also there includes Mr. Faegre who is the principal of the elementary school. All of these characters are flat because they only say a few things in the story and are not subject to analysis. Phoenix Jackson, an elderly Negro women who is frail, old and has many handicaps, she lived during trying times and because of her race, faced many challenges while growing up, Eudora Welty brings the story, "A Worn Path", to life through the use of the character Phoenix Jackson At one point in the story she talks about a gryphon being a mythological creature that is a half eagle and half lion.

She also stated that she has seen one before. About half of the things she discusses with the students are truthful while the other half are strictly lies. Foreshadowing occurs in the story with the allusion of Pinocchio. We understand that Pinocchio was notorious for lying. When Tommy describes Miss Ferenczi, he talks about the two prominent lines that descend from the sides of her mouth to her chin like Pinocchio has.

The climax of the story happens when Ferenczi tells the children their futures. When Carl volunteers, she tells him that he might go into the army someday and that he would have a good life. When Wayne volunteers he ends up drawing the death card. When he asks Miss Ferenczi what the card means she simply tells him that he is going to die soon.

We interpret this as being the climax of the story for a couple of reasons. Secondly, the story rapidly declines from that point on with the exception of the fight between Wayne and Tommy.

There are many conflicts within this story. Tommy and his classmates have a conflict within themselves about whether to trust Miss Ferenczi or not. They had to choose to believe her or to find out facts for themselves. There is no real resolution to this conflict. We only go under the assumption that each of the children have chosen for themselves. He tries to tell his mother about her, but she will not listen to him until he has completed his chores.

This conflict also is never resolved. There is also a conflict between Wayne and Tommy. This causes Miss Ferenczi to be terminated. When Tommy realizes what happens, he starts to call Wayne names, which eventually erupts into a fight between the two.

After the fight, the story settles down to the way things were before Miss Ferenczi came to their school. She is known as a talented musician Columbia. She told them a story about a tree that eats meat, which is based on a fact. Also, she told them a story about creatures that are as thin as pancakes and exist on the bottom of the ocean floor.

Both of these stories sound like fallacies, when in reality one is true and the other could be true. Therefore, this forced the students to come up with their own opinions and go through an overall change. Similar Papers.


Summary Of The Story ' Gryphon ' By Charles Baxter



"Gryphon" By Charles Baxter


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