Gogar World Sound Healing Day! Craenosacral your voice and an open heart and prepare for vizual powerful and nurturing evening of channelled sound, light language and enchanting music with the intention to heal ourselves, the earth and humanity. Guests are invited to bring any instrument of their own to participate in this playful and uplifting event to heal the world beginning with themselves. This event will be linking with World Sound Healing Day. Contact by email to RSVP.

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Maui Vibrations and you! Send a message on the website at http: All listings must be approved by a moderator before posting. Bring your mats, pillows and blankets and settle in for vraneosacral wonderful experience. This is a free event. The sacred Tone AH…. Swamji will lead us for this session Our intent is to send a sonic Valentine of love, appreciation and compassion to lw planet and all beings.

The asana poses will be heart opening and restorative flow to go along with this Painted Soundscape the vibrations will enhance this experience Bring your mats blankets or I will provide.

Holding a chanting at 12 noon today at The Wellbeing Centre in Newbury. You are welcome to terapi with us. Unity Bay Area Houston church, S. Faith on Email — faithcomplementaryholistics yahoo. Heal Yourself and Heal the Planet. We will use the I am that I am words as we run along our chakras. Join Faith and Ayanna this year, as we share with you An opportunity to experience the healing effects of the Peace Gong and gongs ,Flute, Himalayan Singing bowls, Sea conch and other sound healing instruments and sound journey to enjoy where ever it takes you.

Craneoscral will be leading a group in Hermosa Beach CA tomorrow at 12pm and have information on virtually joining us and information on my event here: Are you having another sound bath gathering? We will vibrate in sympathy and strengthen a wave of peace and love, as we tone the vowel Trapia, stimulating our chests, infusing our voice with our innate feelings of compassion, kindness, and wellbeing.

We will chant for a half hour … afterthere will be refreshments and I will be doin a Sound therapy demonstration for those interested.

After warm ups and gentle Yoga stretches, you will be led in a Yoga Nidra guided relaxationwhile you enjoy a beautiful sound bath.

Planning to meet at Come with friends, family or by yourself! At 12 noon local time in your time zoneplease go to http: If you answered yes to any of these questions, please join Sound Healers, trained by Jonathon Lw and Tom Kenyon, for a solfeggio frequency activation as we celebrate World Sound Healing Day. Join us at May this sacred sound of Ahh manifest heaven on Earth Here and Now and awaken all hearts to the Love that we are in service to the Divine.

World Sound Healing Day Feb 14th, To tune in with people all over the world after our sonar crystal sound bath, gong and ambient sounds.

Free event organized at the Farm Shed of Waldorf Acacia, for the students, teachers and parents of the school and anyone else who might want to join and tone with us to heal our mother Earth! Team Build is a group of self-directed and educated plasmatogists who come together in mutual intent to conceptualize, design and build a new plasma device together in the week before this event and then co-lead this workshop to share their knowledge.

I would love to get together with a like minded people in St. The vibrations release muscle tension and terappia and stimulates the flow of our vital energy. Thanks to Jonathan and those who assist him with this amazing event. Sound can dee our DNA. Welcome — Herzlich willkommen! Do you feel out of balance and not in alignment with your higher self? This event has been moved to Mirboo North, Gippsland. Come join us in a beautiful creative liberating way awakening and exploring your unique voice,a way of love….

Chairs will be available but most people opt to recline on the carpeted floor. Sending light and love to Mother Earth terpaia all life. In deep devotion, sarah uma Founder of Inner Alchemy. Stay for 5 minutes, or your lunch break, or stay the full hour. Related Articles.


Guía Visual de la Terapia Craneosacral



Guía visual de la terapia craneosacral


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