We are very delighted… Continue Reading. No weapon mounted lights allowed except for shooters with the use of only one hand. Glad to hear IDPA changed the rules. We provide you with a platform to help manage events and members.

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What started out as a loose hobby for me has turned into a passion. Both Cold ranges and Cold ranges with Hot bays can be used at sanctioned matches. With the extended controls of the Shadow is it really lagal in SSP Take some time to browse all the great new gear we have in stock just in time for Christmas! Disappearing targets have been defined, as well as how much of a target must booo visible to the shooter to not be blok a disappearing target.

Stage boundaries have to be defined now, and air gunning, sight pictures and individual rehearsals outside of the defined stage area is no longer a penalty. Not sure if competitive shooting is right for you? The head is no longer part of the body. Stuart Hero Member Posts: I enjoyed the drama that surrounded all of these mysterious obok and what they might mean for the sport.

IDPA has allowed me to travel to new places and meet new people, talking about shooting sports and promoting 2nd Amendment rights along the way. The MD decides if this division is supported in a given match.

Boy was I wrong in that regard, the When The Balloon Goes Up Podcast was loaded with information and made me all the more interested in getting my hands on the new rulebook.

But to do that, we have to get people with RMRs on their guns to go out and shoot IDPA matches starting as soon as the new rules go into effect. Range commands have been improved. Physical points like cones and a rule. Walt in PA Although the ixpa has not changed, it now includes information regarding a concealment garment, target height and scoring to include NV classification.

Local IDPA affiliated clubs are the backbone of the sport. Join the comradery of like- minded shooters all over the world. Of greater importance, at least to me is that my 97 jdpa now be cdp legal by meeting ssp requirements!!! Right away it is clear that the rulebook has been thoroughly numbered which makes it easy to reference a rule or section.

Flashlight rules have been defined. We are thankful for all of you. This new release adopts the classifier brackets found for Enhanced Service Pistol as the brackets for Carry Optics. Failing chrono is no longer a DQ. Find a local match and experience it for yourself. Guess what is legal for the division now? All other IDPA equipment rules apply for holsters and loading device holders as well as their placement on the body.

I am not advocating one game over the other, just setting up what my perspective is in writing this. That seemed unfair and somewhat harsh, and has been dropped from the final rulebook. The SO must describe how cover will be called for every shooting position during the walk through.

IDPA Rule Books Archive Mobility challenged and permanently physically disabled shooters have been defined, and procedures are defined for situations where they cannot perform a required action in a stage.

Many shooters, myself included were opposed to the rule as interpreted. The stage walk through must now include allowing every shooter to see every target from the associated shooting point. Glad to hear IDPA changed the rules. Dec 07, The Winter issue of the Tactical is on the site! Not much new, except things like the Texas star and plate rack are no longer allowed.

Subcategories have been better defined. Click here to visit the shop! Related Posts



Physical points like cones and a rule. Walt in PA Many shooters, myself included were opposed to the rule as interpreted. Reactive targets must be calibrated for sanctioned matches, and shooter can challenge the calibration of a target that did not react to a hit. Thank you for making the match a success! Join a rulle of shooters to learn, grow and most importantly have fun. I learned of a couple rules we could expect to see and pretty much assumed that each podcast thereafter would be more or less the same.



It is our position that members, club contacts, and match directors should monitor this situation and stay in touch with their host ranges. We are not going to make any formal policy or recommendations as to whether matches should be held or canceled. We feel that it is up to the individual to decide whether or not they wish to compete in any match, sanctioned or local. We also hope that our membership is courteous enough to stay at home and away from match environments if they have any symptoms or feel like they may have been exposed. It is up to match directors to decide whether or not to hold their matches.


From shooting novice to shooting addicted. My time in competition shooting. To me, IDPA is as much or more a social club than it is a shooting club. I see people getting together to shoot, there is not a ton of competition, and my experience in watching a couple of weeks ago, is that I saw very little improvement from many shooters. I saw a policeman come in with his duty gear and his Kevlar vest. More power to him.

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