Akishakar Factory Default Settings Connecting the Printer to a Computer To operate as intended, the must be interfaced with a computer desktop or laptop PC, local area network, AS or similar mainframe with its serial port configured for the communications protocol appropriate to the computer interface. Check the transformer and the main PCB. Use your index finger to adjust ; the label mark sensor. It is a pin D-style subminiature receptacle. Ensure that the media access door operates properly snaps firmly shut after the front bezel cover is installed.

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DIP switches to their original settings. Clean the media path. Use a positive number if you want the printer to feed the label a number of dot increments after it prints the label. If this procedure does not work, make sure that mahual DIP switches match the serial port configuration of the system and that you have the printer cable securely plugged into the correct port of your system. To order printed versions of the Intermec eaycoder, contact your local Intermec representative rasycoder distributor.

You can use the printer command set to perform any function or activate any feature of your printer except for those features or functions that are set with the DIP switches.

Resetting The Memory On Your Printer When you set the printer DIP switches to the setting for selective transfer, the printer serial port is set at 19, baud, even parity, 1 stop bit, and easycoxer data bits.

Web Support Visit the Intermec web site at http: Switch off the printer power and remove the power cord before cleaning any part of the printer. Posted on Dec 12, Be the first to answer. Printer Serial Port Although the three printers are almost identical in form and function, they do have some small differences. Media window Printer back view: Preparing The Printer For Installation After printing a label, the printer prints out the label with the backing removed.

Intwrmec Expansion and Fonts The memory expansion option is different for each printer. Self-Strip Printing Use self-strip printing in applications where you want eaasycoder apply labels to a surface immediately.

If you select to print text, you can choose any font in the Select Printer Font list box. The first column of the Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer Media Sensitivity Settings tables list the approximate sensitivity settings. This illustration shows the features on the front of the printer. QR Code can handle a wide range of data, including numerical, alphabetical, Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana, graphics, and control codes. Consult your Intermec representative to order any option.

Throughout this manual you will find these icons next to information that intermce to a specific printer model. This illustration shows the pin assignments for the RS serial interface. Understanding the Printer Front Panel On the front panel of your printer, you will find one button and three light emitting diodes LEDs.

Page 53 8 Replace the media and ribbon. TOP Related Articles.


Intermec EasyCoder 3400d Manuals

Grolkree To further protect against ESD, use shielded cable for interface cables, and tie the shield to metal backshells at both ends of the cable. Values range from 00 to FF. There should be no slack cable on the electronics side of the printer. Centronics Parallel Interface The Centronics parallel interface allows only one-way communications with the printer. Dip Switch Settings Increase the darkness by turning the darkness adjust control clockwise or decrease the darkness by turning the control counterclockwise. The solution is to reduce the charge by grounding and by employing prevention measures such as antistatic bags for ICs and PCBs, grounded antistatic mats, antistatic spray for carpeting, antistatic clothing no woolantistatic wax for tile floors, conductive floor materials, air ionizers, and antistatic cleaners for plastics. If these parameters are not supplied, default values are substituted.


Intermec 3400 User Manual

Line the box of fanfold media up with the label path through the printer. Refer to the label located on the inside of the media cover for directions on loading media. Communication Interkec All of these protocols are point-to-point except Multi-Drop. When using Intermec Standard Protocol, this pin indicates that the printer is switched on.

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