Dispoziiilor extrem de aspre privitoare la condiiile de via propriu-zise alimentaie, higiena, cazare, asisten medical etc , li se adugau msurile abuzive i brutalitile pornite din iniiativa personal, a comandantului Mndre. Toate plngerile i protestele noastre repetate, prin care sesizasem diferitele comisii venite n inspecie, fie din partea Direciei Generale a Penitenciarelor, fie din partea Ministerului de Interne, nu dduser nici un rezultat. Abuzurile lui Mndre aveau, n mod evident, binecuvntarea tacit a organelor superioare, care, chiar dac ne ascultau reclamaiile i ne promiteau c vor da dispoziii de ndreptare a situaiei, nu luau niciodat vreo msur n acest sens. Dup un an vde zile,, starea de degradare fizic a deinuilor atinsese acea limit inferioar, la care, la cea mai mic solicitare n plus, organismul nu mai putea face fa. Situaia tuturor devenise extrem de precar. Cei mai afectai erau btrnii, care ajunseser la captul puterilor.

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Vusar Allow this favorite library to be seen by others Keep this favorite library private. I was no stranger to the mixture of prison odor, bucket, unwashed bodies and DDT, still there was this fetid stench that was striking from the very entrance.

It became a symbol. The incarceration conditions were severe, as the winter of was very cold. I could not control the size of the step, nor its general direction. Working underground was difficult, depending on the exploited veintemperatures and humidity could be very high, or freezing cold water could pour from the ceiling. From Jilava, they were transferred to the Cavnic mine labor camp, in northwest Romania, close to another, older, labor camp at Baia Sprie. Not being commissioned into a tight security prison, Ioanid inchisoareea determined to take the necessary risks and attempt an escape.

This time, there were several concessions made by the management: Please improve this by adding secondary or tertiary sources. Unable to move, his cell colleagues had to sign for his medicine; later, after his death, this was recorded as proof that he did, in fact, receive the necessary treatment. Your rating has been recorded. Ion Ioanid I used to wake up again, all numbed up because of the uncomfortable position, knees to mouth.

Open Preview See a Problem? Each one could not contain from friendly remarks: As it was the general understanding of the prisoners, their chances of survival were low in these conditions, so they decided, paradoxically, that the only solution not to die of starvation would be to go on hunger strike.

After his capture, the same qualities that his colleagues appreciated, intelligence and energy, were turned against those he had helped to escape. As they arrived at the camp in late autumn, the plan was to wait for early summer in order to escape. Marius rated it it was amazing Jnchisoarea 17, III —please sign up. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. All our assets were seized and we received an additional 3 to 5-year civic rights suspension.

III — by Ion Ioanid Most of the escapees managed to slip outside of the area where the secret police started patrolling noasrta they noticed the missing prisoners. In this simulated stampede, one got my suitcase, two put their arms around my shoulders, while the others, in an instant, searched me thoroughly. Many gave up on the strike, but at least 56 continued. He jumped, embraced me, held my head in his hands, kissed me on both cheeks, saying: They escaped on 6 June Still, the attempt was only partially successful.

Every now and then, he received a few ephedrine pills, which helped, but not enough for a continuous treatment. I received 20 years of forced labor for complicity inchisoqrea high treason. Vente added it Mar 05, Related Posts


„Închisoarea noastră cea de toate zilele” Ion Ioanid Archive

Miltiade Ionescu Mache Dr. As they arrived at the camp in late autumn, the plan was to wait for early summer in order to escape. Escaping during winter posed several problems, such as no shelter in the leafless forest, freezing temperatures and no possibility to cover the snow tracks. This was a period, after the second world war, when Romania was completely isolated from outside information flow.


Închisoarea noastră cea de toate zilele


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