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Start your review of Island Interlude Write a review Shelves: be-happy-the-h-is-happy , betrayal , h-with-a-backbone , hp-h-has-to-drink-the-koolaid , hplandia , seekrit-baby , kiddie-drama This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

This one is a bit more down to earth and pragmatic in tone. The h is actually from Iowa and had a brief affair with the H eight years earlier when she was an 18 year old nanny for the summer in the Bahamas. The h and H grew very close during his Re Island Interlude - Anne McAllister has her shot at the H marrying another woman trope, including seekrit baby.

The h and H grew very close during his time of grief, until a beautiful actress showed up on the island one day and the H married her, dumping the h a day or so later. The h went home to Iowa and to college, but she turned out be preggers from her time with the H.

Tho she called and even wrote the H to let him know about the baby, the H had his people deflect her calls and he callously sent her letter back unopened with a note saying he was married and done with her.

Then the h felt even more a fool when she opened a gossip mag and found the H had a daughter almost the same age as her son. The h was bitter, as you are when you totally get eclipsed by a hot blonde Marilyn Monroe type bombshell who pips you at the preggerness post, but her parents and her brothers rallied around and she and her son are now very happy and the h is even engaged to a biology professor who is a great step-dad in the making too. The h and her son are going together, it will be little travel experience for her son and the h is hoping she can fully put the past and her heartbreak behind her by revisiting the scene of the crime.

The now widowed H and his lovely blonde daughter. The h is hoping to avoid the H, but he seeks her out and acts like she should be delighted to see him. She is not, but she straight out tells the H he is a father and then the fireworks really get going. The H is all cranky and accusing and the h shoots him down without a qualm. She tried, her blew her off, his loss. The H gets all snarly and since his son looks exactly like him, paternity testing is not going to be an issue. The H wants in on the family duo situation and he starts imposing his presence on a very reluctant h.

Which he clearly had NO intention of doing, it was only cause they happened to be in the same place at the same time again that he looked her up, and then he expected her to treat him like he was a gift from HPlandia heaven and jump to be his lurve club holder. This made me like the H even less. First he refuses contact with the h when she tried to tell him of the impending stork arrival when he knew he might have been careless on the mojo blockade a few times, then he demands full fatherhood status immediately to a child he gets along with but barely knows.

This H was passive-aggressive all the way through this book and when he did not get his own way, he cries.

I wanted to use the skillet on him multiple times. Once again the H takes off without a word to the h. She has been abandoned all over again and this time it is even worse, cause she really believed the H was serious this time. So the h finishes her research and she and her son go back to Iowa.

Fortunately she is a nice person and her family loves her and her ex-fiance is nice too, they all try really hard to be supportive in her mopey moment. Then the H shows up and once again has a wobbly because the h left the island - like she is only some wind up doll that is only supposed to be animated when he is around.

The little girl is the child of the actress he married and his BFF stuntman who sadly passed away. The H felt the actress was falling apart and needed his support, so they married and tried to be a family. But the actress turned to alcohol and affairs and the H had such a hard time making big blockbuster movies and trying to hold his family together on infrequent trips home, until his wife ran off with a reporter lover and they died in a car crash, that he really had to suffer a lot the last several years.

That meant that he had to explain to his little girl that she had another daddy and then he and the daughter had to go see the new grandma to give her a reason to try and survive the surgery. So now he is going to cry like a big baby until the h takes pity on him and agrees to marry him and love him back. Needless to say, I was feeling a teensy bit snarky by the time I finished this one.

I did he believe he loved the h, I just thought he was fairly worthless in the reliability and fatherhood stakes and really the biology professor would have been a much better option for this HPlandia outing.


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