I have mixed emotions after using this product for the last six months. While NavSuite is sold as a single bundle, operationally it consists of three separate products with overlapping functions. It has an excellent route finder with automatic fuel-stop planning and optimization for winds. The chart can also be customized to include or exclude items at your discretion.

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Of course only the app is free, you still have to have a JeppView subscription, but for those of us outside the US it is a start. Not exactly cutting edge. You get A LOT more bang for the buck then Jeppview and I really would call this program cutting edge of flight planning. Grant you, the charts are NACO, but hey works for me. You can even file flight plans through this ForeFlight program.

You can test drive it for 30 days. Only thing you cannot do is download charts during the test drive. They just released a version called BYOP. Bring Your Own Plates. You download your plates locally on your computer pdf files, put it in a zipped file and import it into the program and viola, you have your plates viewable in an Ipad format. I have not played with this yet as the upgrade came out a couple of days ago. If you want me to run something through it to see if it will fit your needs, or want to see what screenshots look like, drop me a line.

Google Foreflight to get to their website. July 26, , pm 3 Yes I have foreflight too. For use in the US it is much better but once you leave home and head out to the back 40 you have to deal with Jeppesen. For a one time trip it would be great, but you still have to have access to the charts to begin with.

I think I will use the iPad JeppView as a backup and to get away from printing enroute diversion charts. I used foreflight in the car the other day, it showed us right on the freeway!!


Jeppesen for Android?

Qty Add to Cart Jeppesen JeppView services provide you with full color, high-quality vector-based electronic approach charts in a variety of configurations to meet your intended use. JeppView contains all the same information as the Airway Manual coverages providing you with electronic terminal approach charts, arrival and departure procedures, and airport diagrams. Paper text pages, enroute charts, and area charts round out these services. An update is issued every two weeks 14 days to keep your service current. With the new Jeppesen JeppView 3. When used in flight with a tablet or other mobile PC, pilots will have at their fingertips the state-of-the-art in navigational information and positional awareness tools.


Government and Military Aviation

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