Recently this demand was aired on a television channel. Actually, the report, which was a classified document, was officially declassified on 30 December and became part of the public narrative. Many people have criticised the report, which is a most remarkable document, without ever having read it. The Commission examined persons including members of the public, political leaders, members of the army, navy and air force, serving and retired civil servants and journalists. The main report was submitted to Bhutto on 12 July

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Despite being born in Bihar, Rahman hailed from an Bengali Muslim family. He was the personal surgeon to the Emir of Kuwait. Upon arriving to British India , Rehman began practising law at the Calcutta High Court in and served as the legal councillor of the Calcutta Corporation in In , he also presented Mayor of Calcutta as its legal councillor, and was a member of the Junior Standing Counsel of the East Bengal from to After the independence of Pakistan , he opted for East Pakistan and settled in Dhaka in In , his son refused to take an oath under the Provisional Constitutional Order issued by President Pervez Musharraf who imposed the Emergency in November After his restoration in , he resumed hearing cases at the Lahore High Court and eventually ascended as Chief Justice of Islamabad High Court in From to , he was a member of International Court of Arbitration that is based in the Hague , Netherlands.

Government of the Punjab. The mandate of commission was only to know the military reason in fall of East Pakistan.

Sarmila Bose wrote in her book of pages that is printed by Oxford University Press that how army can rape of one million Bengali women in a span of two years, in the presence of million of Mukti Bahini and Indian Army Soldiers. Rehman on "Separation"[ edit ] Originally, the Commission was to overlook the military failure to prevent the breakā€”up of Eastern Pakistan but Chief Justice Rahman went into great depths in the roots of matter since the independence of Pakistan in A separate chapter on the political history of Pakistan was very detailed oriented and written by Chief Justice Rahman who critically opined on the political role of Zulfikar Bhutto.

Rahman critically opined on Bhutto and, with some degree, implicated Bhutto of manipulating President Yahya Khan to take the military action as a solution. The Commission was appointed to look into the military "aspect of debacle", not the aspect of political failure; therefore, Bhutto classified the publications of the Commission and marked its report as " Top Secret ".

He was appointed the Chairman of Islamic Ideology after his retirement for 3 years, later he was appointed as an advisor to the President of Pakistan on constitutional affairs. He also conducted a commission on election reforms and proposed the proportional representation system existing in Germany, Sri Lanka and many other countries. In which it can be accessed via the library to publish judicial supplements. He died in Lahore due to a cardiac arrest on 20 December He was buried in Lahore with close judicial associates and friends attending his funeral.


Hamoodur Rahman Commission

Hamoodur Rahman began his career as a lawyer in Calcutta High Court in Hamoodur Rahman was a member of the Junior Standing Counsel of the province of Bengal from to After the independence of Pakistan he opted for East Pakistan and came to Dhaka in He was appointed Advocate General of East Pakistan in and held it till when he was elevated to the bench as a judge of the Dhaka High Court.


Hamoodur Rahman

The commission considered this initial report tentative as it had not been able to interview many key people who were at that time prisoners of war in India. One of the copies was given to Bhutto and the rest were either destroyed or were stolen. Commission held an informal meeting at Lahore on 3 June to consider various preliminary matters and then decided to resume proceedings at Abbottabad from 16 July After the investigation resumed in the commission talked with 73 more bureaucrats and high-ranked military personnel. The commission examined nearly witnesses in total, hundreds of classified documents and army signals between East and West Pakistan. The final report, also called supplementary report, was submitted on 23 October , showed how political, administrative, military and moral failings were responsible for the surrender of Pakistani forces in East Pakistan.


Hamoodur Rahman

Faejas Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report Even though the funds disbursed by him may not hsmood auditable in ordinary circumstances, it would have been appropriate and advisable for him to supply such information as was possible for him to do in the circumstances once the question of the disposal of these funds had arisen on the basis of information supplied to the Commission by officers who heard of these transactions in East Pakistan and later in the prisoners of war camps. The fresh evidence coming before the Commission has thus served only to reinforce the conclusions reached by us in the Main Report that the involvement of the Pakistan Army in Martial Law duties and civil administration had a highly corrupting influence, seriously detracting from the professional duties of the Army and affecting the quality of training which the Fommision could impart to their units and formations, for reehman obvious reason that they did not have enough time available for this purpose, and many of them also lost the inclination to do so. Yahya Khan Tikka Khan S. From the above clarification it will be appreciated that there was no requirement to furnish details of the above expenditure to any accounts department. On the contrary, some officers like Lt. That single report was handed over to the governmentwhich forbade its publication at the time. Volume I of the supplementary report dealt with the political backgroundinternational relationsand military aspects of the events in Yahya Khan Tikka Khan S.

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