This son has obtained the blessings from Lord Almighty. Lord Shiva blesses this son to find success in the Political field and to carry out the public service successfully. This son should be guided in the proper way to carry out the Public service without any problems. Parvathi Devi says he is the good soul born on this earth to carry out the service to the people. This son will be able to manage the mankind easily.

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Submitted by radha. The narrative is set in the distant 4,th century, near the end of Kali Yuga, as revealed in advance by Sri Suta Goswami. The work primarily describes the onset and exponential increase of sinfulness and the demoniac element on the earth planet during the Kali-yuga, and the appearance, pastimes and disappearance of Kalki-avatar, Who will manifest to bring an end to the darkness of Kali Yuga, destroying the demoniac and heralding the start of Satya-yuga.

Chronologically, Krsna-Balarama is the eighth manifestation of Dasavatar, appearing in the Dvapara-yuga. When the first stage of the Kali-yuga begins, the varnasrama system will deteriorate. The second, third, and fourth stages of Kali-yuga follow, bringing the progressive deterioration of society. During the fourth stagen, cannibalism will be virtually universal among the humans. To solve this problem the pious Devas will gather before Brahma for a solution.

Near the end of this yuga, the Devas will then journey to Vaikunta to seek help from Lord Vishnu. One of the main reasons Lord Vishnu would come to earth as Kalki is to destroy and defeat evil forces on earth.

He would begin this with the battle, and eventual massacre, of the Sunyavadis, who have misled the people, at the city of Keekatpur. A war would later begin with the dark forces of Kali, including the demon generals Koka and Vikoka fighting against Kalki and the Devas. Koka and Vikoka would then be killed by Kalki. Kalki Avatara Anglo-Indian, 19th c. At the start of Satya-yuga, the Golden Age, Lord Kalki will divide the planet into earthly kingdoms among his generals, then perform the Ashwamedha and Rajasuya sacrifices for the Devas.

His parents, Sumati and Vishnuyasha will then travel to the holy place of Badrikashram, where they will live until their death. After fathering His sons, Meghamaal and Balahaka, Lord Kalki will reign on earth for 1, years as the king of Shambhala. Concluding His mission of restoring peace, Kalki will appear in His four-armed form, then return to Vaikuntha. The xcerpts below are followed by the complete text: Lord Kalki and Attendants.


Kalki Purana by Agastya and Vishvamitra

Significance[ edit ] As a prophetic work, the Sri Kalki Purana writes details about events believed by Hindus to occur in the future. The work is essentially a derivation of passages collected from various Puranas describing the same subject. The work primarily describes the onset and exponential increase of evil and sin on the earth during the Kali Yuga , and the life of Kalki , who is said to bring an end to the darkness of the Kali Yuga, destroying evil and sin, and beginning a new yuga age of sinlessness and peace known as the Satya Yuga. The text is a Vaishnavism tradition text, where Brahma and other gods approach Vishnu for protection from the evils of the Kali-yuga. Kalki and his army then fight various wars and destroy all those who had persecuted and driven Dharma out of their land. After the annihilation of the evil and restoration of the good, Kalki returns to Shambhala. This marks the end of Kali yuga, and the start of the new cycle of existence, with Satya yuga also called Krita yuga.


The Chali’che pure’anu’s



Kalki Purana


ISO 14121-2 PDF

The Kalki Purana


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