Shaktirn Write a customer review. Is the book motivational? All you serial dieters: Click here to Enlarge. The book is really fun to read, though it will not help with the weight loss regime much but definitely will encourage the inspirational aspects related to the same. The author is not pueie trained dietician or weight loss expert.

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Aug 24, Pallavi Ivashkov rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Anybody who wants to laugh out loud Shelves: chick-lit-i-love-it , soft-and-sweet , books-i-own , girls-run-the-world , self-help-book , indian-authors This is not a self help book but AN EPIC.

It starts as a teenage drama, moves on with the evergreen chick-lit humor and sarcasm, and is thriller on the final stages when the weighting scale crosses kg! No spoilers here but "Confessions of a serial dieter" is definitely the best diet book on the planet.

The book is not the typical-eat-less-exercise-more kind but the kind to which a reader, thin or fat, could connect to. It deals with the emotions that one goes through every time they see somebody with that perfect hourglass figure or have to enter the XL size shops, when just on the opposite side some curves-and-figure is flaunting her latest tight-fit dress.

Kalli Purie talks about the myths and dilemmas associated with the life of a dieter, and handles even the toughest of situations, with her marked sense of humor and the habit of pulling some or the other perk.

So fight it! To end, I would like to mention the line that caught me in awestruck the most believe me for there are many throughout the book : Love had replaced chocolate.

Being a dieter not serial though and definitely not the way Purie does and having lived in fatland for a long time, I get where Purie is coming from. This book is about weight loss. Not in the sense that it suggests diets and stuff. Like mentioned in the book, it is an emotional and sometimes traumatic journey. Dieting is not something you do. However, there are certain things Purie indulged in which I would never suggest a person trying to lose weight even consider Like Bulimia or the insane champagne diet.

Not just that, even the way people react to your weight loss Classic example? And I shall diet happily ever after ; Sections on Surya Namaskar and Running are very encouraging Pros 1. Not all of them weight loss diet plans. It is a story of that. She is born in rich family and therefore can afford celebrity trainers.

She goes on trying one after the other famous trainers. Cons 1. It is more Review I have read the Kindle Edition. It is more like a autobiography. The author is not a trained dietician or weight loss expert. From other weight loss books by experts you learn never to go on a crash diet. But in this book you come to know that Author has followed many crash or severe diet plans and they have worked.

So you become confused whom to follow. You may loose what you have already learnt by reading this book. The author uses lot of informal words in the book like surliness, snuggled, sallow etc. You have to continuously consult a dictionary.


Confessions of a Serial Dieter



Kalli Purie's book launch in Kolkata


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