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He has since asked several persons who sought his guidance to chant this mantra daily as a remedy to overcome their problems as this mantra will help to invoke the blessings of the Almighty God. Since he did not have a formal education he did not work on any job. He used the family fortunes for making his living and the family fortunes gradually got dwindled. His family consists of three sons and three daughters.

Although he never worked on any job, by the grace of God he has been running the family comfortably until to-day without any problem as most of the people who sought his guidance generally helped the family by giving some donation.

As part of that trip he visited Texas and stayed with us in our home for about 15 days. Subsequently he has been visiting USA almost every year during summer. He has also visited countries in the Middle East. Karve Guruji is a tireless person.

It is amazing that at his age estimated to be about 80 yrs old , he observes fasting on every Monday which means that he will not take even water after he gets up until he finishes his daily pooja and after that he will take a small quantity of special food prepared for such fasting days.

He observed this fast during his stay in our house and we were amazed to see his energy level was the same as on non-fasting days. I have heard of Sages living in Himalayas living on pure cosmic energy as they live in caves in remote areas where food and water is generally not accessible.

Likewise may be Karve Guruji is able to absorb energy from the cosmos cosmic energy on such fasting days. It was really amazing. The flyer given by Karve Guruji is attached for information of all readers at the end of this write up. May God bless Karve Guruji with long life so that he can be a source of inspiration to the younger generation? Before calling her the readers are advised to keep a copy of their horoscope with them for ready reference to enable them to double check the placement of planets in the horoscope which they will hear over the telephone during their telephonic talk with Pinky or Karve Guruji.



Krishnan, USA K arve Guruji respectfully called in this manner by his devotees is a well known person in the astrological world. He, Karve Guruji along with his daughter Pinki and son Sandeep visited our house at Murphy, Texas and stayed with us from May 22nd until May 30th, We consider this as our good fortune and a blessing that a highly spiritually elevated person like Karve Guruji could spend his time with us and perform his daily poojas in our house. This was his second visit to our house. He had earlier visited our house for the first time in and stayed with us for a week.

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Doushura Leave a Kave Cancel reply Enter your comment here So I received some prasad from the temple priest, and stood to the side as several families came through to receive a blessing. But I felt comfortable at the same time, as this was kafve place that was used to westerners, and I did not get that extra heavy stare that I often get going to sacred sites. The samadhi site lies at the south end of town, marked by a beautiful three story high spire that is reminsicent of so many temples in India. Ramesh Balzekar Ramesh Balzekar had a tremendous influence in my spiritual life via his most famous book, a compilation of talks call Consciousness Speaks. Probably the most important astrologer in modern India for bringing Vedic astrology back out into the open is Dr.



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