The plane carrying the dog crashes into the snow-covered wilderness; the pilot is killed and the dog is more dead than alive. The crash site is found by Andy Evans, a young boy who lives in the nearby fishing settlement of Copper City. He struggles to get the dog home and begs his parents to let him ask the local doctor to take a look at Kavik. The dog slowly recovers and starts to bond with Andy. However, due to its near death experience Kavik is terrified of other dogs and is quick to run away when confronted. But Hunter arrives on a regular trip and claims back the dog, taking him to a kennel in his palatial Seattle home.

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Introduction This a fiction novel by Walt Morey about a dog named Kavik. It is about his grief, success as a winner of the north American Sled Dog Derby, also about the people that treated him good, by feeding and sheltering him, about Andy the boy that saved him and gave him a new life after his airplane accident. About his first owner Charlie One Eye that showed him no sympathy of mercy. It is about how he was able to survive and find his new master , the person that he truly loved because he showed him what love really means.

Plot Main conflict: Mr. Hunter wanted Kavik back although Kavik does not want to leave Andy. Andy wanted Kavik with him. Hunter must decide to take Kavik to his club Hunter for Kavik. Hunter saw Kavik after he won the race he decided that he wanted Kavik for himself.

He went to Charlie One Eye and bought Kavik for two thousand dollars. Smiley Johnson a bush pilot that was supposed to take Kavik to Mr. Hunter cannery at Copper City had a plane accident and Kavik was badly injured.

Andy Evans a fifteen years old boy found kavik and save his life. He was in such a bad shape that Mr. Time passed and Kavik was healthy and beautiful like the first time Mr. Hunter saw him. With the accident Kavik lost his confidence and corage but when Mr. He took Kavik to his house in the city but Edna his wife did not wanted Kavik around his house or inside it.

Hunter put kavik in an iron cage. Kavik also hurt himself trying to climb a mountain no matter all the troubles and pain he suffered he wnt back to Andy Evans where one day he found his new and real home. Hunter let Andy keep Kavik, the wolf dog. Plot, characters and setting A. Characters: 1. Protagonist -Kavik eskimo word for wolverine a dog part Trained to be a lead dog. Kavik and no matter what happens he wants him Andy Evans - Fifteen years old boy that found Kavik and took care of him.

He was a lean tough old man with a permanent limp. Vic Walker - He took care of Kavik when he is injured. Smiley Johnson - A bush pilot, die in a plane accident. Swede Ecklunds - A bush pilot that searchs for Smiley. Tom Murphy - owns a store. Pinky Davis - works in the cannery.. John and Martha -. Kavik, Martha bought Kavik a collar. Conclusion If you love dogs or have one I recommend you to read this novel. As you get into the story you will no stop reading it until you finish it.

As you read it you will become part of it.





Kavik, the Wolf Dog



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