Ray was born in the city of Calcutta into a Bengali Brahmo family of Bengali Kayastha origin which was prominent in the field of arts and literature. The science fictions of Shonku are presented as a diary discovered after the scientist had mysteriously disappeared. More familiarly known by his nickname, Feluda, Pradosh Chandra Mitra is a Bengali detective who solves mysteries using his incisive intellect. Feluda is characterized as a tall and athletic man, who is well-versed in martial arts and can handle firearms with ease.

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School , Kolkata. He earned a degree in B. Sc from Hansraj College, University of Delhi. He cleared his AMI examination from Delhi in He takes ardent interest in wild life photography. Sabyasachi got married in to Mithu Chakrabarty , who is also a popular face in the Bengali entertainment industry.

He has two sons, Gaurav and Arjun , both of whom are talented actors. Tero Parbon was critically acclaimed with a memorable soundtrack in which his role as the character Gora was well-received and made him fairly popular in his early days of acting.

He played Kakababu in the Kakababu original film series. He acted in Kakababu Here Gelen? He got involved with Charbak theatre group in Both Soumitra and Sabyasachi played the Feluda character with great success.

As Sabyasachi said in many interviews that Feluda is one of his idol and favourite hero from his young age. But Satyajit Ray said that he will not make another Feluda movie as Santosh Dutta the actor who played the role of Jatayu died in , but he told Sabyasachi to go to his son Sandip Ray who was a rising film director in that time. Then Sabyasachi started working in the movies beside theatre and television. At that time Sabyasachi became a well known actor in big screens beside theatre.

It was a dream character for Sabyasachi Chakrabarti. All films of the Feluda new film series Continuation of the original series were directed by Sandip Ray. In this series he made ten TV films and five full-length films in Bengali on the character. It was released as a TV film and it was a part of Feluda 30 [6] [6] TV film series which includes five TV films based on five Feluda novels and stories. The series continued from the year to In the year he acted in Dr.

Munshir Diary [6] [6] as Feluda. It was the last Feluda TV film since



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Sabyasachi Chakrabarty


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