The Virginia-based company was founded in by David and Tom Gardner and now employs over people. The main site features investment news, research, and guides for investors aiming to achieve exceptional returns. Whereas similar financial news sites venture into unrelated sub-topics of investing, The Fool stays focused on what it does best — investment advice. Who Are David and Tom Gardner? In , the Gardner brothers came together to create The Motley Fool website.

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To have an objective test and analysis of the Motley Fool services, in December I opened an ETrade brokerage account dedicated just to buying the Motley Fool stock picks as they recommended them. So the longer you hold them the better they get! Keep reading to see the details of my Motley Fool stock portfolio and to learn 2 important tips I discovered along the way that really help to maximize my returns.

This is a good thing! As we are nearing the bottom of this drop, we are starting to see more articles like this: BlackRock is suggesting we may be at a "once in a lifetime opportunity", Morgan Stanley says to start buying , and Warren Buffet has a stock pile of cash and rumors are he is starting to buy.

Dollar Cost Averaging Works! Since nobody knows where the bottom will be exactly, smart investors continue to invest a fixed dollar amount in the market each month. This is called Dollar Cost Averaging.

That way, when the markets are down you are buying more shares of your favorite stocks at cheaper prices. This helps drive down your average cost and increase your profits when the stock market moves back up. Now, no one can guarantee that every pick in Stock Advisor will have the same mind-blowing returns as Netflix and Disney. So will you be reading this same article next year, missing out on another potentially life-changing stock?

Or will you be counting your returns as a satisfied Stock Advisor member? If you order today, you will get these upcoming email reports I will even share with you screen shots of my own brokerage account to prove to you my results of actually buying all of their stock picks from both services for the last 4 years.

I will also tell you 2 important trading tips about the Motley Fool services that I have learned over the years. Two little facts that you must understand about their services in order to maximize your profits. My story is probably not too different from yours.

I grew up in a modest household where everything we owned was paid for with hard earned money. Unfortunately, my father passed away six years ago just after his 65th birthday. He worked hard his whole life and planned to enjoy his retirement, but he died within months of retiring. My Mission To accomplish that, I set out on a mission to find the best and the fastest way to build my stock portfolio in a proven and low-risk way.

I started out by talking to people I thought were smart and wealthy, reading countless books and magazines, and subscribing to various stock newsletters and stock picking services.

But they sure acted like it, and they ended up costing me money and wasting my time. So stop thinking about investing, and start investing NOW! You will be surprised how quickly and easily your portfolio will start to grow. Over the last five years, I have subscribed to literally dozens of stock newsletters. And when the markets were down, my portfolio went down too. My goal was to BEAT the market, not just match the market.

Opening a brokerage account is easy and takes less than 3 minutes. To find the right stocks to buy, that too is now easy. Eventually, I did find a stock service that were able to consistently outperform the market year after year. Based on my experience over the last 4 years of buying every single one of their stocks picks, my analysis of their performance concludes absolutely YES!

Even at that price it is very inexpensive compared to other services. That is an average of If you had subscribed to the Motley Fool Stock Advisor then you probably already own these 4 stocks! So, is the Motley Fool Stock Advisor worth it?

Honestly, as to be expected, all of their picks are not profitable. Some go up as soon as they are recommended and never look back. Some go up just a few dollars and they seem to run out of steam. And some eventually drift lower. So the first thing you need to understand about the Motley Fool strategy is that they are focused on the longer term. With some picks you might need to wait a few months before they start going up.

So, assuming you have some cash to invest each month, and you can let the money stay invested for a few years, it certainly seems like a very safe bet. The 2 Gardner brothers that started the Motley Fool years ago still run the company and make the stock recommendations. So, unlike other comparable stock newsletters, there has NOT been any change of management like you see at other advisory services. This is an extremely important fact because you might find another newsletter that has also done well, but you never know who really is picking their stocks.

With the Motley Fool, the 2 same brothers that started this newsletter have been there since day and there is no reason to believe they are leaving their own company. Yes, real people answer the phone. How Much Does It Cost? More Motley Fool Details… If you want more info, please keep reading. And most importantly, I will show you how their stock picks have performed for me and the differences in results of their two services: Stock Advisor compared to Rule Breakers.

You may be surprised with my conclusion. You probably already know a little bit about the Motley Fool and their products. You may have seen some posts or articles on social media where they provide insights on the stock market. For that reason, many consider it the best stock newsletter. Those returns sound great, right? Take a look at the chart below…. On Thursdays you should be expecting to receive your email shortly after noon ET and you need to be ready to invest. So there has been no changeover in management.

It makes life easy. I love that feature! What you should note in the above examples is that it takes a few months for their stocks to move. Generally, I see that most of their picks are just OK as they tend to move with the market, but they do pick a few stocks each year that double or triple. And it takes a quarter or two of earnings releases to positively surprise the market and then these hot stocks start climbing.

You should care for several reasons. First, it makes investing in the stock so much easier and less stressful. Just read their recommendations every Thursday and buy what they recommend.

This helps to keep some cash in the account. The gain on those stocks more than makes up for a few of their picks that go down a little each year. Third, if you are just getting started, its a great place to start and learn about the stock market. None of us have the time nor the skills to analyze thousands of stocks and then decide which ones are the best ones. I will explain why later on in this Motley Fool Review.

What Do You Get? Their reports page is very interesting and presents numerous trending topics in our society such as virtual reality, self-driving cars, lithium batteries, pot stocks, etc.

The Stock Advisor SA also includes access to the community page, where you can use discussion boards to communicate with other Fools.

These boards are available to premium Fool members and can be useful for talking about investing strategies with fellow community members. Is the Motley Fool a Scam or is it Legit? Of course this view point is justified. But, they definitely are a legit company. The fact is, the Motley Fool stock picks have beat the market the last 4 years.

My results shown below prove it. That is the most important thing you need to know. I just wish I had subscribed earlier. I know for a fact it is not a scam—my stock portfolio proves it! They deliver exactly what they say they will deliver, and I have even met a lot of their employees at various investor education conferences that I travel to.

Like I said earlier, I subscribed because I saw their advertising about their great returns, and I had to subscribe to test it out myself. They say they have over , subscribers. I subscribed in and my results are listed below in the next section. Which is always a good sign.

They are very active in the investment community. The Gardner brothers are also active in the traditional media where they appear on news websites such as AOL News. Here is an interesting piece on their ups and downs with Amazon. I also have money in one of their mutual funds.

Will it Help you Make More Money? The short answer is YES. And of their 24 picks from , 19 are up. That is why they are consistently rated as the best stock picking newsletters. Motley Fool Review — Some Additional Insights 1- It is true that there are many free options to explore, but after testing a bunch of them I paper traded multiple stock advising services , the Motley Fool provided the most optimal returns and the best bang for the buck.


Motley Fool Rule Breakers Review – Is It Worth the Money?

However, looks can be deceiving… If you take a closer look, you will notice a few things that stand out. Motley Fool Stock Advisor has been around for longer. So, it has had more time to increase its performance. Why does that matter? And what does that mean? Second, it also means that it has more potential to make higher returns. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer.


Motley Fool Rule Breakers

Motley Fool is one of the leading websites in the investor education space. The team at The Fool has been monitoring the market for decades, and the firm offers a wide selection of investor research products. Naturally, these high-growth companies are the best stocks to invest in today. These regular alerts help investors hone in on the hottest growth stocks on the market. A subscription also includes: Best Buys Now: This section highlights the top Rule Breaker stock picks and all the way back to when the service first started. Starter Stocks: A collection of hand-picked stocks that are solid core investments for anyone who is building a portfolio. Community: Get support from a community of like-minded investors.


Rule Breaker Investing

They are not looking at penny stocks, nor are they necessarily targeting stocks directly post- IPO. But they generally are less well-established companies that may or may not be profitable. This means the Rule Breaker stocks tend to have much higher volatility and investing risk. The price of a subscription includes the following: A monthly newsletter Access to the members-only Rule Breakers website and forums. Motley Fool Rule Breakers is a long-term, buy and hold long-only service. Members receive 2 stock picks each month, typically on the 4th Wednesday of each month.

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