Sarix Sarix Firmware We are pleased to announce Sarix version 1. Incorporated a licensing interface, allowing users to add specialized features to their Sarix device. Contact your sales representative for more information about the features available for your Sarix device through licensing. Included a window blanking calibration feature for Spectra HD products.

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Page 8: Introduction Introduction The IXE Series is an extended platform network-based camera with a built-in, Web-based viewer for live streaming to a Insert the 4-pin connector from Page Installation Installation NOTE: Megapixel lenses are designed and tested to deliver optimal image quality to megapixel cameras.

A standard definition lens Page 13 4. Use it at the installation site to set The 8-pin connector includes video and Connect the alarm, relay, Page 17 Connecting Alarms The camera provides an alarm input for external signaling devices, such as door contacts or motion detectors Page 18 Unsupervised Alarms When an alarm is configured as an unsupervised alarm, the camera only activates an alarm when the By default, you are Show Device List: Displays a list of viewable cameras Click the Select Stream button.

Select one of the following stream options from the Select Although multiple users Page Settings Page Settings Page Depending on user permissions, the Settings page allows you to manage camera system settings, set up users, configure Page System Tab System Tab Use the System tab to change the device name, configure the time settings, set up the text overlay Click the System tab.

Select General Settings from the drop-down menu Place your mouse pointer over the Network tab. Select General from the drop-down menu. SSL Configuration Page 1. Place your mouse pointer over the Network tab Select SSL from the drop-down SSH Settings Page 1. Select SSH Consult your network administrator to obtain Page 36 Window Blanking Settings Window blanking is used to conceal user-defined privacy areas.

A blanked area appears on the screen Digital Processing Page 1. Place your mouse pointer over the Imaging tab. Auto Exposure Page 1. Page 39 6. Set the Exposure Compensation setting. Move the slider bar to the right to brighten the video, or move Manual Exposure Page 1. Auto Focus Page 1. Tone Map Page 1. Auto White Balance Page 1. Place your mouse pointer over the Imaging tab Window Blanking Page 1. Select Video Preset Configuration Page 1.

Custom Video Stream Configuration Page 1. Place your mouse pointer over the Table B. Page Users Tab Users Tab Use the Users tab to create and manage user accounts and to change the way the camera manages General Settings Page for Users 1. Users Page 1. Place your mouse pointer over the Users tab. Select Users Select Users from the drop-down menu.

Events are activated by user-defined event sources that New Event Source Page An event is a configured camera function that is automatically activated by an Place your mouse pointer over the Events tab. Select Sources from the New Event Handler Page Event handlers are the actions that the camera takes when an event occurs Select Handlers from the drop-down Select Analytic Configuration from the Select Analytic Configuration from the drop-down Polygon: Tracks objects Page 75 www.


Models of Pelco cameras that have been tested with version 3 NetBotz and BotzWare 4.X



Pelco IXE20DN-OCP Sarixâ?¢ EP IX, 2.1 M D/N, OV Event Cting Suite Plus



Fixed IP Sarix Enhanced Cameras


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