Love was only the beginning of her nightmares. When Ara discovered the existence of vampires, she was given the choice between a life as one of What lines will you cross trying to get revenge for that? New powers. Old enemies. Born of immortal blood, her curse not set to trigger until around her twenty-fifth year, she was sent away to remain unaware of and hidden from the world of magic.

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Shelves: favorites Yes, there is another cover. This book was an up and down roller coaster. With a romance akin to Edward and Bella these two are totally and completely in love and it seems nothing can separate them. Unfortunately, it only seems that way. And he has to leave her behind. As soon as the last leaf falls to the ground signalling the coming of cold weather, she has to make up her mind. Will she choose an eternity with her one true love Or will she choose life and the man she loved before David ever came along?

My heart broke several times over in this book. And being completely and utterly devestated at their absence.

To wishing they would just magically appear and tell you everything is going to be ok again. Ara suffered a horrible tragedy in the death of her mom and her brother. Coming to the US to live with her father afterward seemed to help put her back together again. Because she met David. She was no longer just a shell of a person. She had love again. The car accident. The boy she loved before who tore her heart to pieces when he rejected her. She had new friends. Emily, Alana Until the time comes that she may actually have to.

And then losing him is unthinkable. Prone to zoning out and irrational internal debates. I like her. I feel for her. Losing someone you love, having to move on with someone you love but in a different way, and not as much am I even making sense anymore? I love David. And understanding. I also love it when he speaks in French to her. Her rock. The guy that rejected her and is now trying to redeem himself. He loves her, probably just as much as David does He even wants to take her back to Perth, the home she left after the accident.

And he knows it.


The Knight of the Rose

The minute an audience recognises a song, it will laugh in wry or delighted amusement. It is vital that any show acknowledges this and finds a way to work with it. Unfortunately, the staging and direction lacks any sense of timing so there was frequent laughter but almost always at the wrong time and for the wrong reason. When they sing Holding Out For A Hero, we were holding out for a decent plot and any sense of coherent direction. The cast prove remarkably capable of dredging up palpable emotion from a limp plot and laboured script, but asking them to sing The Long And Winding Road over a fallen prince just raised sniggers. Sadly the creators of this show missed every golden opportunity and instead delivered a painful lesson in how not to write, mount or direct a musical, leaving the audience bewildered and bothered but not bewitched by the inconsistent tone and ludicrous premise. Holding out for a hero?



Gogrel All the lies will finally come undone. Losing someone you love, having to move on with someone you love but in a different way, and not as much am I even making sense anymore? In the first book we met Ara and David, a. She wanted to have a normal life.


A.M. Hudson


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