Women Effect Women Effect is an initiative which transitioned in to the Wharton Social Impact Initiative WSII at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, to provide an information hub for content and experience in the field of investing with a gender lens, women as investors, and investing to have a positive effect on women and girls. The initiative moved to WSII in March, , with some significant changes, carrying forward a research and evidence building agenda and helping a variety of actors to make sense of this emerging field. The work of many visionary leaders has inspired a movement that believes in the power of finance to achieve large-scale social impact and to address some of our most pressing economic and social issues. The goal with Women Effect was to increase the capital moving with a gender lens, creating durable and systemic change for women and girls worldwide — both as investors and beneficiaries of invested capital. As the initiative shifted to WSII, the work is framed in some new contexts.

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She broke off thigh-bones, first one then another; She broke off arm-bones, first one then another; She broke off a skull like a curd-bowl, and then— She assembled them all together, and sat down beside them. When an ignorant person builds up attachments, That idiot returns to suffering, again and again. So let one who understands not build up attachments: May I never again lie with a broken skull!

A monkey went up to the little hut With five doors. On each door, again and again. I was born in a low-class family, Poor, with little to eat. My job was lowly— I threw out the old flowers. Shunned by people, I was disregarded and treated with contempt.

I humbled my heart, And paid respects to many people. I dropped my carrying-pole And approached to pay respects. Out of compassion for me, The supreme man stood still.

Staying alone in the wilderness, Without laziness, I did what the teacher said, As the conqueror had advised me. In the first watch of the night, I recollected my previous births. In the middle watch of the night, I purified the divine eye. In the last watch of the night, I tore apart the mass of darkness. Homage to you, supreme among men! Your defilements are ended— You, sir, are worthy of offerings.

I think he will quickly abandon sensual desire. His psychic power made the river Sarabhu stand still; Gavampati is unbound and unperturbed. The gods bow to that great sage, Who has left behind all attachments, And gone beyond rebirth in any state of existence.

As if struck by a sword, As if their head was on fire, A monk should go forth mindfully, To abandon desire for sensual pleasures. My body is light, Full of so much rapture and happiness.

My hut on the bank of the Ganges Is made from three palm leaves. My alms-bowl is a funeral pot, My robe is castoff rags. In my first two rainy seasons I spoke only one word. In my third rainy season, The mass of darkness was torn apart. People are attached to people; People are dependent on people; People are hurt by people; And people hurt people.

Go, leave these people,.



More information about Vipassana as taught by S. Goenka is available at www. The tag Vipassana identifies products that are directly related to this tradition and differentiates them from other Theravada resources available on our site. While the main emphasis in Vipassana meditation as taught by S.




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