Learn how and when to remove this template message A normal climbing harness is used. Children and people with heavy backpacks are advised to use a full body harness or a normal harness combined with a chest strap. A helmet is generally strongly recommended, especially on longer or steeper routes, or where rocks may be loose. The helmet should be a UIAA approved climbing helmet, since the danger of falling rocks or hitting your head during a fall is always high. Other types of helmets can be dangerous as they are usually not designed to stay in place during a fall.

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You will need a good head for heights and ladder climbing experience. Perched on a rung of a ladder, mounted to a cliff face, a few hundred meters above a gully, should sound to you as appealing as sitting in your pyjamas watching Netflix. I have a whole article dedicated to via ferrata Merlone. If you are interested in tackling it, make sure to check it out! The initial approach to the beginning of the cable section is very short around 20 minutes.

Because of it however, this via ferrata is probably one of the busiest ones in the Dolomites. A lot of guided tour companies take their clients here. There is however an easy way to avoid the crowds! Just start early, and by early I mean right after sunrise. You will be treated to some incredible views when the first rays of sun hit the surrounding peaks!

For more information and photos from my sunrise excursion along this via ferrata go to my other article. Via ferrata Oskar Schuster Via ferrata Oskar Schuster takes you through the heart of Sassolungo and Sassopiato, two prominent peaks you can photograph from Alpi di Siusi - one of the most iconic photography spots in the Dolomites.

This is a really fun and exciting route. The views along the way adorned with copious spires that are typical for this entire range, very dramatic indeed. You can skip part of the initial approach by taking the Sassolungo gondola from the Sella mountain pass, where the route begins. Once you reach the summit of Sassopiato where the cable section ends and descend down the other side, you can pop into rifugio Sassopiato for some well deserved beer! The majority of it traverses along the ridgeline between two peaks: Dente Grande di Terrarossa and Cima di Terrarossa.

Its only downside is the long initial approach. The best way to tackle this via ferrata is to plan an overnight hut stay in the nearby rifugio Alpe di Tires. I have a whole article dedicated to via ferrata Sentiero Massimiliano. Make sure to check it out along with the many photos I took.

For the most part, these via ferratas stay at a beginner level, but there are a couple of sections, one including scaling a vertical wall equipped with stemples, that puts this route on par with other intermediate via ferratas on this list. Check out the link above for more photos and detailed route description. By mid afternoon the summits are often covered in clouds. I have completed this ferrata as part of the multiday traverse of the Brenta group and it quickly became one of my favourites.

The steep ledges coupled with the low rising clouds and early morning mist have added to the mystery of this place. The route runs between two mountain huts: Alimonta and Pedrotti and takes around 3 hours to complete. Via ferrata Brigata Tridentina A true classic of the area, via ferrata Brigata Tridentina attracts a lot of adventurers on a daily basis.

The starting point of this route is just a few kilometres away from Passo Gardena - one of the most photogenic mountain passes in the Dolomites. The loop takes only 3 hours to complete, but the climbing is quite steep and exposed. For those craving more adventure you can extend the route and go to the top of Cima Piscadiu.

This will add another 2 hours, but the views will more than make up for the effort. When I am not stuck to my computer editing photos, you can find me hiking somewhere in the mountains.


My Favourite Intermediate Via Ferratas In The Italian Dolomites



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Via Ferratas of the Italian Dolomites: Vol 1


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